The Most Recommended Supplements for Women

The Most Recommended Supplements for Women

Eating a well-balanced meal filled with a variety of vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, whole grains and protein is the single best way to get all the nutrients your body needs. But if you follow a restrictive diet or are unable to eat certain foods, supplements can help.

The type of supplement women need will depend on their diet, health status, age and other factors. Here is our list of the best supplements for women in general:

Vitamin D : HUM Here Comes the Sun

The sunlight is our main source of vitamin D but it can be hard to get enough if you don’t always go outside or use a lot of sunscreen. It’s estimated that as much as 30% of the population in the United States is vitamin D deficient. HUM Here Comes the Sun D3 can give you 2,000 IU with every dose, which comes in a small softgel. It’s allergen-free, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free making it an excellent choice for most individuals.

Iron : Thorne Iron Bisglycinate

Women need more iron than men and it can be a bit difficult to get enough iron from food especially for vegans and vegetarians. Athletes and pregnant women have even higher iron needs.

Iron bisglycinate has been found to be more effective at replenishing iron stores which is why Thorne’s iron bisglycinate is a top choice for women. Each capsule gives you 25 mg of iron which is sufficient and safe for preventing iron deficiency anemia.

Magnesium : Klean Athlete Klean Magnesium

Magnesium is important for women and can help manage symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), pregnancy as well as menopause. It also helps maintain heart health and bone density. Magnesium supplements like Klean Athlete magnesium gives you 120mg of magnesium glycinate per capsule. Each capsule is vegan and is NSF certified for sport. It doesn’t have any harmful ingredients or contaminants and it’s gluten-free and GMO-free.

Choline: NOW Lecithin

Choline is important for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, as well as for postmenopausal women. It aids in the baby’s brain growth and development and lowers the risk of birth defects. Research also suggests it helps postmenopausal women as it can increase estrogen levels.

Each Now Foods Lecithin softgel has 500 mg of phosphatidylcholine. This product is gluten-free and dairy-free. It’s also egg-free, Halal and Kosher.

Vitamin B12: Nature Made B12 – 500 mcg

Vitamin B12 is recommended for vegetarians and vegans. Nature Made B12 can give you 500 mcg of B12 (cyanocobalamin). A 500mcg dose has an absorption rate of approximately 2%, which means your body will only get 10mcg of B12. There are several forms of B12 supplements but methlycobalamin and cyanocobalamin are effective in correcting and preventing B12 deficiencies when taken orally.

Prenatal Vitamin: FullWell Prenatal

This multivitamin contains most of the essential nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy. It was created by Ayla Withee, a women’s health registered dietitian who worked with women to support fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.

FullWell’s Prenatal Vitamin provides an optimal level of vitamin D as well as more than 50% of the recommended amount of choline, along with chelated minerals, and active forms of B vitamins.

It’s important to note however that this supplement does not contain iron, which some may consider important for pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Vitamin: Theralogix Thera Natal Lactation Complete

If you’re breastfeeding, switching to a postnatal supplement offers additional benefits. Theralogix Lactation Complete contains important nutrients to support your recovery as well as  your baby’s growth and development. This supplement gives you 27% of the recommended amount of choline on top of omega-3 fatty acids. Both choline and omega 3s are essential for the baby’s brain development. Moreover, Theralogix contains 6,400 IU of vitamin D, which may be sufficient to support a baby’s vitamin D requirements. Theralogix Lactation Complete is gluten-free and NSF certified.

Multivitamin: Garden of Life mykind Organics Women’s

Garden Of Life mykind Organics Women’s Once Daily Multi is made from organic wholefoods. It is also ConsumerLab approved and NSF certified, as well as certified vegan, non-GMO verified, gluten-free and kosher. However take note that this multivitamin does not contain calcium and does not have high iron content. Here’s a product review of Garden Of Life mykind Organics:

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