Proper Gym Etiquette You Should Know

So you’ve finally signed up for a membership at Planet Fitness and you’re excited to get started. But before you do, please keep in mind some of the crucial gym etiquette. Even though you’re not exactly aiming to become the Most Liked Person of Year at the gym, it pays to be more considerate of others.


1. Learn to share equipment.

share-equipment-gymmembershipfeesMost gyms have enough equipment for members to use. However, during peak hours there might be too many gym goers and as a result, not everyone can use the equipment they want. If you’re using the rowing machine for example, don’t spend too long in it especially if you see others looking around seemingly waiting for you to finish.

2. Wipe up after yourself.

wipe-GymMemberShipFeesWhen you work out, you’re likely to sweat profusely. If you’re using the treadmill, for example, and you’re sweating like a pig, make sure you wipe the equipment with a towel once you’re done.

3. Maintain good hygiene.

Personal-Hygiene-GymMembershipFeesNothing can be more annoying than cleaning up after someone. If you used the toilet, don’t forget to flush. If you were eating, pick up the crumbs you left. If you used the gym’s locker, make sure you leave it clean and empty.

4. Give space to others.

Space-GymMembershipFeesSometimes gym equipment are stacked very close together due to lack of space. Avoid crowding the area by staying within your allowed space. Also, when taking out dumbbells and weights on racks, once you’re done you should back away at least 4 feet so that other people can get their own equipment.

5. Read the clothing guidelines.

wardrobe-GymMembershipFeesGyms have guidelines for proper clothing. Make sure you read and follow these guidelines. Generally, you shouldn’t wear anything that’s too revealing because not only will that give you a lot of unwanted attention, it will also spark annoyance and anger from others in the gym.

6. Turn off your cellphone.

cellphone-GymMembershipFeesMost people are in their own world when they work out at the gym. It can be especially annoying to exercise and all of a sudden, someone’s cell phone rings very loudly. If you can’t turn off your cell phone, at least put it on silent mode. In line with this, make sure you talk in a soft voice when speaking with someone on the phone.

7. Don’t give unsolicited advice.

unsolicited-advice-GymMembershipFeesJust because you see an overweight newbie in the gym using the flexion machine the wrong way doesn’t mean you can just go up to this person and tell him how to do it right. You could end up hurting someone by doing so. Worse, you could get sued. If someone asks for your help or opinion, that’s the only time you should give them advice.

8. Wear a deodorant.

using_deodorant-GymMembershipFeesDon’t be the person that everyone avoids at the gym because of body odor. As a form of courtesy, use a deodorant so you don’t smell when you sweat. On the other hand, it’s also not a good idea to spray perfume all over before arriving at the gym. Some people have sensitive noses.

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