How Gym Managers Handle Possible Annoyances

Gym managers in respected gyms chains like Equinox have a challenging job, partly because some gym-goers can be unmindful of gym etiquette. Thanks to their training, fortunately, they are able to effectively deal with a wide range of annoyances so you, the gym-goer with a good grasp of good manners, can enjoy your stay.  

Establish Call-related Policies

If you have ever been annoyed by fellow gym-goers who take a call – and speak loudly, too – while on an exercise equipment, usually a cardio machine, you aren’t alone. But this isn’t just an annoyance either since studies have shown that being distracted while on an exercise equipment can results in accidents, such as dropping dumbbells on your feet or falling off the treadmill.

Gym managers usually ask clients on their cellphone while exercising to step off or drop the equipment and then take the call in private. Nobody wants an obnoxious gym-goer advertising his or her business while others are concentrating on their exercises.  

Remind About Selfies and the Like

Of course, taking photos of yourself and others isn’t a crime in itself. But don’t be surprised if gym managers remind clients about the consequences of taking photos while in the gym.

For one thing, numerous studies have shown that people who frequently post photos of themselves (i.e., selfies) while at the gym on social media sites are at higher risk of developing narcissistic personalities. There’s no issue about self-love, posting your progress, and being an inspiration to others but as with all things in life, excessive amounts of these things can be dangerous to health.

For another thing, taking selfies at the gym may make other people uncomfortable since they may be unwilling participants. Gym-goers have to consider whether their fellow clients want to be featured in your feed, possibly even noticed by your friends and followers regardless if it’s positive or negative attention.

Keep in mind, too, that taking selfies while on a piece of exercise equipment can be dangerous, such as when running on a treadmill. Gym managers will remind clients about the right to privacy and the emphasis on safety in the exercise facility. Both gym managers and owners take their responsibilities including the possibility of legal liability seriously for obvious reasons.  

If you are a new client to a gym, we suggest reading the gym’s policies and practices about the use of equipment, amenities and services, among other matters. You should also be considerate about the needs of your fellow gym-goers, such as not hogging the machines or conducting loud conversations.

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