Our Most Recommended Smart Home Gym Equipment

Our Most Recommended Smart Home Gym Equipment

What makes a fitness equipment or machine “smart”? More importantly, what makes it worth the extra $$? A smart home gym equipment is internet-capable and most of these machines have an LCD screen which allows you to stream workouts, while others have apps that let you view your classes on your smart TV, phone or iPad.

With these smart machines, you get to experience an entirely new level of interactivity. Most have libraries of guided classes led by reputable instructors. Others have customized workouts based on your current fitness level and fitness goals. It’s like having a personal trainer while you workout in the comfort of your own home.

Smart fitness technology has transformed home fitness, and the best options out there are helping to recreate gyms and group classes with built-in cameras, colorful touchscreen displays, and compact systems.

That being said, smart fitness equipment comes with a price — typically costing at least a thousand dollars. But think of it as an upfront investment with long term gains. Instead of spending a hundred dollars a month on a Soul Cycle gym membership, you just need to pay the entire year (or 2) fees in one lump sum. Besides, spending a big amount of money on equipment will probably help ensure you actually use it instead of just leaving it to gather dust in your basement.

Here are our top recommendations for the best smart gym equipment:

1. Peloton Bike ($1,495)

Peloton’s spin bike mimics cycling on an actual road. It features a 21.5 inch touchscreen monitor, handlebars and an adjustable seat. You can participate in on-demand and live classes for $44/month.

2. FightCamp ($1,299)

FightCamp’s in-home boxing bag, gloves and guided workout classes take your boxing workouts to a whole new level. The smart gloves have sensors which you place underneath the wraps. These things can determine how many punches you’ve landed, how hard you hit and other pertinent information to show your progress. If you’re just interested in the basic packae with the sensors and wraps, the price goes down to just $399. But if you want the gloves, bag and mat, the package price is $1,299.

3. Mirror ($1,495)

How could a mirror cost so much? Well, this is anything but an ordinary mirror. The Mirror is actually an LCD screen that helps you workout from home in a very high-tech way. It comes with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. You can watch your instructor lead the workouts live! Or you can watch on-demand fitness classes. BTW it costs an extra $39 to gain access to the on-demand and live classes. You can choose from various types of exercises including cardio, strength and yoga. Just recently, they also launched the one-on-one personal training using the built-in camera so the personal trainer can see your form and give feedback/corrections.

4. Peloton Tread

This smart treadmill from Peloton comes with a hefty price tag of $2,495. Plus you also need to pay $39/month to access on-demand and live classes. So is it worth it? You can train for your marathon alongside other seasoned runners or join their classes. The 32-inch touchscreen display lets you watch the guided classes, view stats and progress easily. If you have the budget for it, then it’s surely worth considering.

5. Tempo

The sleek $2,495 Tempo is a home gym system that features a 42-inch touchscreen display, 3D mapping and AI to elevate your workouts. It also comes with one 25-pound barbell, two 7.5 pound dumbbells, storage for 16 plates, a heart rate monitor, collars to lock the plate, foam roller, and a workout mat. Like most smart home gyms, you will need to pay extra ($39/month) for live and on-demand classes. The Tempo Studio records your personal metrics to help you keep track of your progress.

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