Morning Fitness Starts With Nighttime Habits

We often think of morning fitness as a thing unto itself, so to speak. But this isn’t so as the best morning fitness routine starts with good nighttime habits. Think of it as setting the right tone of your day by setting the right foundation the night before – and here’s how you can do it, too.  

Review Your Day

How was your day, especially when it comes to your workout performance at Fitness 19? Did you make mistakes that you can learn from? Did you achieve your fitness goals for the day?

These are just a few of the questions that you have to answer at night before going to sleep. You can then decide whether you will continue with a certain routine, meal plan, and workout as these apply to your long-term fitness goal. You shouldn’t, however, go into a guilt trip since it will do you no good –instead, just come up with insights that will make tomorrow better than today.

In the same way that you review your day, you should also set goals for tomorrow before going to sleep. If necessary, you should already plan your breakfast, your first positive thoughts upon waking up, and your morning workout. You’re basically preparing your mind and body for success ahead and it’s always a good thing to think about.  

Listen to Your Body’s Cues for Nighttime Eating

We have all heard of the adage, “Eat like a king at breakfast, like a prince at lunch, and like a pauper at dinner” – and it has its merits, too. But we’re all unique individuals with unique metabolism, calorie needs, and lifestyle preferences, among others. We should then listen to what our bodies are telling us when it comes to nighttime eating while still keeping within the boundaries of moderation.

For example, you may prefer a light dinner with a late-night snack because it wards off your cravings in the morning and aids in your sound sleep. There’s nothing wrong with it because it’s what your body says is best for it, so follow its signals about when to eat.

But keep in mind, too, that you shouldn’t overeat at night because then you may wake up late for your morning fitness workout. Eat just enough to feel sated but not too much to feel heavy.  

Of course, you should always get your beauty rest, usually 7-8 hours of restful sleep during the night. Let your body repair and replenish itself so that you are more than ready for the day ahead.  

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