Night Owls, Spread the Word About Evening Workouts!

Did you know that scientists at the Rockefeller University discovered that night owls have a specific genetic mutation? You don’t have to work against your body’s natural rhythm so you can exercise at night, a time when you feel at your best. You can even justify your preference for evening workouts at Workout Anytime gyms by pointing out these benefits.  

Better Muscle Gain

During the morning, the body’s testosterone levels increase by 35% resulting in muscle gains. Testosterone, the male hormone, plays a crucial role in muscle gains and energy production.  

But evening workouts have an ace up their sleeves, too – cortisol, the hormone known for gobbling up muscles, so to speak. In the morning, the body’s cortisol levels increase by 75% but in the evening, it becomes normal. The bottom line: Evening workouts also lead to better muscle gain because there’s less cortisol levels to counteract it.  

Better Sleep

The long-standing myth about exercising at night adversely affecting sleep afterwards has been busted by several studies. In an Appalachian State University study, people who exercise at night experienced an increase in body heat akin to a warm bath – and we know that it makes for sound slumber.

Better Strength Training Gains

The evenings are great for strength training because the body’s anaerobic capacity increases by about 7% according to a study by Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. But don’t forget your cardio in the morning either as it’s the best time to burn more fat, about 20% more, according to a British Journal of Nutrition Study.

This isn’t to say that morning workouts are inferior to evening workouts. Each one has its merits, such as morning workouts providing more energy, increasing metabolism, and promoting testosterone production. But if you’re looking for maximum strength, as well as longer lie-in and better stress relief from the pressures of the day, then evening workouts should be on your schedule.

There are also other benefits of evening workouts that even non-night owls will want to consider. You don’t have to worry about beating your morning rush to the office, dealing with the morning grouch at the gym, and thinking about your upcoming meeting.  

Many of the world’s most famous athletes also train in the day, such as Usain Bolt, while many are also advocates of the morning workouts – Dwayne Johnson, for example, exercises even before dawn.  You have to decide whether morning or evening workouts are in line with your lifestyle.

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