Medicine Balls Are A Must And Here’s Why

Many of the best chains of commercial gyms, such as 24 Hour Fitness, offer their clients medicine balls or exercise balls. These are among the lightest exercise equipment so these can easily be used by men and women of all ages and fitness levels. These may even be considered as the most fun, too, because there are so many things that can be done with them.

But not too many gym-goers use medicine balls because of the perception that these are too lightweight, literally and figuratively, in comparison with barbells and dumbbells. This is such a shame considering that these specialized balls are great for cardio and strength training exercises, too.

Here are a few reasons why commercial gyms encourage their clients to use medicine balls.  

Wide Range of Exercises Possible

A single medicine ball can be used for a wide variety of strength training exercises for the upper and lower body. You can even get a whole-body workout just by using an exercise ball, said workout of which will only take an hour. Your personal trainer can design a medicine ball-centric whole-body workout that will address your age and fitness level.  

Among the exercises possible with a medicine ball include squats, push-ups, supine bridges, and birddogs, to name a few. These exercises will tone and strengthen different areas of the body from the legs to the shoulders, as well as the core muscles. This is possible because the use of a medicine ball demands keeping your stability and balance while on it, as well as using the right balance to stay on top of it.  

Low-impact Exercises Are on the Agenda

Medicine balls are great pieces of exercise equipment for people who will benefit more from low-impact exercises. These include individuals returning to exercise after an illness or an injury, elderly people with joint issues, and adults who need low-impact workouts as an alternative to running and the like.

But if you want a high-impact exercise program using a medicine ball, your personal trainer can also design it. Indeed, you and your personal trainer can take it easy or bring it hard with a medicine ball-centric workout program.

Medicine balls are also great for improving your balance and posture. You can use an exercise ball as your chair so that you can adopt a better posture while at work, as well as learn body awareness and control while sitting on it.  

The next time you’re in the gym, you must consider medicine balls. These aren’t just for sissies but for the strongest, too.

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