Top 7 Exercise Ball Workouts

Do you remember the time when you love to play with a ball as a child? It was fun right? Well now that you are all grown up it does not mean that you need to stop playing with balls. You just have to make the play more productive.

How can you do that? You can try performing exercise ball workouts. Exercise balls, also known as Swiss balls, or fit balls, are large, vinyl balls that you can use to strengthen and stretch your body, which can improve your core stability and balance.

In the past years, the use of exercise balls for workouts has become popular. Exercising with these balls will help you lose weight while having fun. These ball exercises usually target our core muscles to help us have fit and toned bodies.

The only equipment that you need for these exercises is the exercise ball. You can access an exercise ball in gyms or you can buy one in stores and online. Fitness clubs like Gold’s gym or LifeTime Fitness provides exercise balls in their gyms but they also sell balls online.

These balls are available in different sizes depending on your weight and height. It is necessary that you will use the right size of ball to avoid injuries. These balls are also available in different colors so you can choose the one that fits their style.

Like other physical activities, it is important to do at least two warm up exercises before using the ball. You should maintain proper posture and proper breathing in order to do the exercises properly.

There are many types of ball exercises and you can select the one that fits you based on your needs. Here is a list of the top 7 exercise ball workouts:

  • Ball Triceps Extension – Also known as the triceps blaster, this exercise is perfect for toning your arms. It is quite simple. You just have to rest your arms and elbows on top of the ball in shoulder-width. Then, you should extend your feet parallel to your shoulders. Once you find your balance, you have to squeeze the ball using your arms.
  • Ball Leg Curl – This exercise can help you increase the strength of your legs. This is done by lying down on the floor and putting your feet on top of the ball. Once your feet are on top, you need to squeeze the ball without causing it to move from its position.
  • Ball Table Top – This one is the easiest on the list but it targets many muscles like abdomen, chest, and back.
  • Ball Push-up – This one targets your arms, legs, and abdominal muscles. To do this exercise, you need to do a push-up position, but instead of putting your feet on the ground, you need to put it on top of the floor. Once you achieve the right position you can start doing your push-ups.
  • Ball Squeeze – This exercise is done by lying on the floor and putting the ball between your legs. You need to squeeze the ball using your lower body only. This will help you tone your thighs.
  • Ball Sit-up – This exercise is perfect for targeting your abdominal and core muscles. It is very simple to do. You just have to perform traditional sit-ups while lying on top of the large ball. Just be careful because you might fall.
  • Ball Squat – Like other squats, this exercise targets your quads and butt. If you want to have a nicely toned butt, you may want o try this. Just do a squat position but instead of having both feet on the ground, you need to place one on top of the ball.

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