Koko FitClub Integrates Digital Trainers With Personal Trainers

The Koko FitClub has been renowned for their innovative gym experience. They have combined the personal aspect of fitness programs with smart technology that adapts to your fitness data to produce a smart way to workout. They developed a gym utilizing the technology of gathering data of your body, and will tell you what you need to work on, how long, and so forth.

Their equipment acts like a second trainer, where as other gyms may only offer personal trainers of in a group, and even just plain equipment. They have invented an innovative way to workout. This allows for more efficient workout regimes that are even more dynamic.

Changing The Industry

Changing The Industry - GymMembershipFeesTraditional way of working out requires you to follow a specific regimen that will let you analyze the results once you’re done. Koko FitClub offers even more. They have changed the way for people to exercise. Though they still offer a one-on-one personal trainers to aid you and instruct you throughout your journey. They have added more than just sensors into their equipment.

This is what you may call a smart workout. Other than analyzing your body mass index, weight, elapsed time, and calories burnt they have made the equipment think of what you have to do. It may tell you to run faster in a cardiovascular workout if it senses that you have outdeveloped the previous regime, for example. This will result in a more efficient training regime, with quicker, optimal results.

Most Unusual Team Of Gym Developers

Koko Fitclub is the brain child of couple, Mike and Mary. They have taken out the sports science and exercise science out of the laboratories and have brought it into their gyms, with their smart equipment. They have brought in a team of MIT engineers to collaborate on the smartest workout machine they could design.

But this was not without disappointments. Their first product was the Smartrainer; the first machine to utilize the digital industry and convert it to a better strength exercise machine. After going through numerous trade shows and gym demos, they made only a few sales. They decided that they couldn’t sell their machine in the traditional mainstream of the gym industry.

So, they came up with the idea of setting up a new gym; revolving around the Smartranier. And the Koko FitClub was their finished product. It has blown a whole in the conventional way of running a gym.

In And Out With Your Results

Their gym is not like any other gyms out there. There are no television monitors, no mirror-clad walls, no grunts from oversized bodybuilders. Instead, they have a studio-sized gym with a few members working out at a time. Their efficient smart machines will allow you to do a workout at optimal performance in just about 45 minutes. That’s all it takes, and you have maxed out your workout for the day.

This allows for a more personalized way of doing your regime. It makes of a calmer enviroment despite the nature of working out. Members are in and out in little under an hour. While the members are doing quicker and more direct workout regimes based on what they need, the gym is constanlty hard at work analysing their data; it is also backed up in a central cloud system that allows users to access their data via their mobile devices.

Koko FitClub has grown into 30 states and still expanding. They have helped tens of thousands of members already and they are not keen on giving up. This is enough reason to sign up for a trial to see for yourself. A 30-day trial would only cost you $30; and with their efficient smart gym, this may be ample time to see results.

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