Bite-Size Workouts: Why They Make Sense

If you struggle to fit in a 45-minute workout with your busy schedule, you might want to try doing a few short workouts instead. Basically what’s going to happen is that instead of one 45-minute session, you do 3 15-minute sessions or even 4 sessions at 10-12 minutes each.

But you’re probably wondering, are these multi workouts just as effective as one long session?

Studies reveal you don’t need to get all your exercise done at once.  CEO of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy John Gallucci, Jr., DPT, says that the benefits of multiple short sessions provide people with increased flexibility and enable them to prioritize their wellness and healthy, while balancing family, work, and personal commitments.

The main benefits of accumulated exercise are:

1. Better Overall Health

Several studies have shown that short bouts of physical activity (at least 10 minutes each) over the course of the day leads to similar effects on many health-related outcomes as one long session of physical activity.

In one study published in the National Library of Medicine,  which analyzed data from 19 studies involving 1,080 participants, it was found that there are no differences between continuous exercise and accumulated exercises for cardiorespiratory and blood pressure outcomes. The researchers concluded that adults are likely to get similar health benefits.

2. Easier to Fit into a Busy Schedule

Experts believe the number one reason for not exercising regularly is lack of time, or the perception thereof. People often think that in order to exercise, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort. But with mini workouts which can be as quick as 10 minutes at a time – who does not have the time to do that?

3. Improves Exercise Adherence

Committing to an exercise regimen needs persistence, patience and a bag full of motivation. The reality is that people stop working out because they find it too difficult to devote an hour each day for it. Shorter sessions performed throughout the day makes it much easier to adhere to a routine.

4. Lowers the Stress of Working Out

Shortened workouts are easier to integrate into your day instead of a stressful session at the gym. You’d have to drive to and from the gym, prepare your workout clothes, and plan how you can fit in a certain amount of time into your busy schedule. It can get stressful for some people. But with short bursts of exercise, you can basically do it wherever you are – in the office, at home, at the park, etc.

Tips to Help You Make the Most of Bite-Size Workouts

If you’d like to give bite-size workouts a try but aren’t really sure how to go about it, here are some tips to help you:

1. Plan in advance.

Keep in mind that you need to have a balance of cardio, strength and mobility exercises so plan your sessions accordingly.

2. Make it a habit.

Surely, setting aside 10 minutes to exercise at a time is not so hard, right? Well, it will be at first. Turn it into a habit by making a conscious effort to actually exercise until it eventually becomes part of your day to day routine. Let’s say you can start with 10 minutes of stretching in bed the moment you wake up. Then perhaps you can spend another 10 minutes walking around your neighborhood while drinking your morning coffee. During your lunch break you can also do 10 minutes doing dumbbell exercises.

3. Mix it up.

Even short exercises can bore you eventually. Make sure to incorporate other physical activities every now and then so you’ll continue to look forward to your “breaks.”


Accumulated bite size exercises may not necessarily work for everyone. Personally, I look forward to my me-time at CorePower Yoga every day. But for those of us who simply cannot find time to go to the gym, shorter sessions will definitely work.

Bite-Size Workouts

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