When Having a Personal Trainer Makes Absolute Sense

When Having a Personal Trainer Makes Absolute Sense

Joining a gym offers several advantages and opportunities. You have access to excellent equipment, plus you might get to attend a fun class. Of course, there are trainers available that might offer you close, personal attention. It’s like getting a personal tutor versus attending a small class.

Plenty of folks will tell you that a personal trainer just for yourself isn’t absolutely necessary. After all, there are plenty of sources you can tap for information. You have the other gym rats there, with probably lots of years in experience. You can also attend classes in gyms like Bodyplex, so you still get guidance. And of course, there’s the internet.

A personal trainer might be okay for those who have lots of money to spare, but for the rest of us, it’s a luxury that you we don’t really need. 

But that’s not always true. In fact, in certain situations you really are truly better off if you go with a personal trainer. Here are some of these situations.

You’re a Complete Newbie

This is one case when a personal trainer makes perfect sense. Perhaps down the road, you may accumulate enough knowledge and experience that you can get by on your own. But at the start, when you know absolutely nothing, a personal trainer is your best option.

When you’re a complete beginner, it’s hard to determine which information sources you can believe. But with a personal trainer, you have a single source of information. The personal trainer won’t dispense generic, one-size-fits-all advice.

Instead, you’ll get guidance tailored to your specific circumstance. The trainer will take the time to assess your current health and skill levels, and then factor in your specific fitness goals. Then they’ll work with you to come up with a complete plan to achieve those goals.

Coming up with a plan all by yourself is truly difficult when you don’t know what you’re doing. With a personal trainer, you can come up with that plan.

That’s also not counting all the other forms of assistance you’ll receive that will be totally crucial for a newbie. These include knowing how to use various equipment properly and safely, the right forms for each exercise, when you need to rest, and even advice on your diet and nutrition.

You’re No Longer Progressing

This is a similar situation to the rookie. Even when you have some knowledge, at some point, you might hit a plateau and stop progressing, and everything you try doesn’t work. If that’s the case, a quick consultation with a personal trainer might just get you the knowledge you need.

You Know You Don’t Have Enough Discipline

Lots of gym managers are very much aware that many people who become gym members don’t actually last all that long. Discouragement sets in, and after a while a lot of people just quit. Or you break the rules and eat what you’re supposed to avoid.

But a personal trainer helps with this. It’s like having a tutor (or even a parent) who will hold you accountable. It’s one thing to promise to yourself that you will exercise regularly, as it’s easy to break that promise. If you promise another person, it’s more difficult to break your word.

In addition, when you’re discouraged, a personal trainer knows what to do and say to you to get you properly motivated. They can goad you and encourage you to keep going.

You’re Coming Back from an Injury

In a situation like this, you can’t really trust yourself to know what to do. But a personal trainer can get you right back on the horse properly and safely. They’ll take your recovery process into account and get you back in workout mode gradually and safely.

In all these situations, you’re better off with a personal trainer than just going at it on your own. You will get the guidance you absolutely need.

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