4 Helpful Tips to Convince Your Friend to Work Out

Do you have a friend who doesn’t want to work out? Do you want to convince her to join you in your fitness journey? Well it may not be easy in the beginning, but you can always try the following helpful tips:

Tell her your fitness story

You need to let her know how you started with your fitness journey. The first thing that you need to tell her is how you were persuaded to work out regularly. Tell her your reasons why you accepted the challenge. Most often, reasons may include: you get easily tired by just doing simple things, you want to wear fashionable clothes, or you just want to age healthily. Ask her if she also wants to achieve any of the above reasons.

Let her talk to a fitness instructor

You can set her up in a casual lunch meeting with a fitness instructor, and the expert will be able to do the trick. As an expert in the field, the instructor can explain to your friend the importance of fitness to everyone—regardless of their age, size or gender. The instructor might also tell stories of previous clients who benefitted from his fitness program.

Persuade her to join a trial fitness program

It will be easier for you to convince your friend to join a fitness program if she can try it first. Powerhouse Gym is one of the gyms that offer trial fitness programs. You may want to bring your friend there, so she can experience it firsthand. Trial fitness programs do not require an individual to pay a certain fee, sign any document, and provide any form of commitment to the program. It’s up for the person if he or she will pursue the program.

Show her how you have been helped by your fitness program

Some may find it as a form of boasting, but if you will do it to encourage your friend to start a healthy lifestyle—then, there’s nothing wrong with that. Show her off the parts of your body which have been toned through exercise. Tell her how you have achieved it, and the many benefits that you are enjoying now because of your toned body. Enumerate to her all the health benefits that being fit has given you.

Perhaps, convincing a friend who doesn’t work out will be a challenge at first; but as you go along you will find how fulfilling it is to convince a friend to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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