Choosing a Fitness Studio in the Pandemic

With gyms and fitness centers reopening in accordance with the White House’s three-phase reopening plan, it’s time to re-evaluate your choice. You may have been satisfied with a neighborhood gym before the pandemic but your cards are now with Anytime Fitness. Your decision will likely have been based on its stricter safety protocols.

But what if there isn’t an Anytime Fitness gym near your place? You shouldn’t be limited by it since there are other choices, such as Equinox. You just have to carefully assess the gyms based on these standards as influenced by the coronavirus pandemic.

Qualities to Look for in a Fitness Studio

Of course, the pre-pandemic criteria when choosing a fitness studio still applies. These qualities include the proximity to your place of work or residence, the cleanliness of the facilities and the reasonableness of the fees, among others. These aspects are just as important in the time of the pandemic as it was before.

But there are other things to look for when choosing a fitness studio.

First, the studio should have ample ventilation through open windows. Sufficient air flow is essential in minimizing the spread of the coronavirus since it doesn’t become stuck in a single area. The use of fans is also recommended for this purpose.

Second, the space should provide sufficient room for the participants to maintain a 6-feet or 1-meter distance from each other. You may observe, too, that the classes are only at half-capacity for this reason.

Third, the gym should follow strict safety protocols. These include but aren’t limited to the staff wearing masks at all times, sanitizing the equipment and facilities, and maintaining their distance from the clients.

Keep in mind that every gym and fitness center will do things differently. Some may reopen with little change in their business, some may reopen with significant changes. You should consider the ones that are taking the pandemic seriously and making changes to this effect.

Steps to Stay Safe in a Fitness Center

But it’s also your responsibility to stay safe in the gym or fitness center! The staff may be doing everything possible but it takes just one errant client to compromise the protocols. You should then be diligent about following the safety protocols for your own protection.

These can include washing your hands before entering the gym, sanitizing the equipment before using it, and wearing a mask. You should also sanitize the equipment after using it.

If everybody does their part, the pandemic can be overcome! It starts with you, too.

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