How to Find a Gym Personal Trainer

No question that places like Fitness 19 and Gold’s Gym offer high quality equipment, but really, the best way to get into shape is to avail of the services of a personal trainer. However, figuring out which trainer to hire can be difficult and time consuming, but if you use this guide the process will be much simpler.

Primary Considerations

Primary Considerations-GymMembershipFeesA professional personal trainer has full credentials and license, so this is the first thing you need to look for. Fortunately, there are websites that provide information about a trainer’s qualifications, and if you sign up for a popular gym you can be sure that their personal trainers are licensed and trained. In addition, your personal trainer should have a First Aid and CPR certification. While most gyms are trained to cope with medical emergencies, it won’t hurt to ask your trainer for these certifications.

Interview the Trainer

InterviewThis person is going to work for you so you have the right to interview him or her. Among the questions you should ask are their training philosophy, what they’ll do to help you reach your goal and what motivational methods they use during training.  It also won’t hurt if you ask about their clients and if you can ask for references. It is absolutely important that all these questions are answered before you make any commitment. Remember that there are many kinds of personal trainers with different goals, styles and personalities, so don’t hesitate to have a look around.

Cost and Package Details

Cost-GymMembershipFeesThe cost of hiring a trainer will vary, but usually the more sessions the more expensive it will be. If you’re signing up for a gym, the trainer may be included with the amount you’re paying. Regardless, the payment options will vary, ranging from installment, per session, up front etc. Make sure that you clear this up before agreeing to any deal. While you’re going through the payment options, ask if you can purchase sessions individually.

You also need to ask about the refund policy, particularly if the trainer is affiliated with the gym you work out at. If your trainer is no longer working at the gym, will you get session refunds or will the gym force you to take the services of another trainer? You also need to ask if there’s a money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the trainer.

There are other questions that you need to ask such as whether multiple client sessions are provided, which can be cheaper. Also ask if you do buy a package, is there a time limit where you are required to use it. In other words, make certain the package won’t expire until you have had the time to avail of it. Related to this is the question of availability, because if the trainer isn’t available when you are, there’s no point hiring him.

Fitness Assessments

Fitness Assessments-GymMembershipFeesNo personal trainer will start a fitness program without conducting a fitness assessment. A competent personal trainer for instance, will check aspects like endurance tests, flexibility, strength, blood pressure and body fat. It is imperative that your trainer follow these procedures to ensure that you are physically capable of the workout routines. If the trainer knows what he’s doing, he will go over your health report and adjust your training as necessary.

Red Flags and Warnings

Red Flags-GymMembershipFeesThe majority of trainers know exactly what they’re doing and are professionals. However, there are always exceptions to these, and you should keep an eye on the warning signs. For instance, you should be wary of trainers that will try and sell you any kind of supplement. Unless your goal is to be a bodybuilder, you don’t need to take any special supplement the trainer may try and sell, so you should go with a trainer that isn’t pushing for a product.

Remember that a personal trainer is not a nutritionist, and only a registered dietitian can create meal plans for you. However, if the trainer provides meals within and according to the Food Guide Pyramid, then it’s all right.

Tips for Finding a Personal Trainer

Tips for Finding a Personal Trainer-GymMembershipFeesIf you’re signing up for a quality fitness center, odds are they can provide you with a personal trainer who’s licensed and capable of devising a fitness program that suits you. Thanks to competition, these facilities now provide a wide range of affordable personal training packages for an extra fee apart from the membership charge. In some cases the gym may permit you to bring an outside trainer, but this is rare since gyms usually have contracts with the trainers in their areas.

Finally, keep in mind that some gyms don’t always require you to join to avail of their personal trainer, but the cost may be a bit higher. To avoid confusion, contact the gym and ask for clarification.

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