Best Water Bottles for Runners with Special Needs

Best Water Bottles for Runners with Special Needs

Obviously (hopefully it’s obvious to you if you’re a runner), hydration is one of the most crucial aspects of running. Yet it’s very easy to forget. So, if you’re running more than a few hundred meters, then you might just want to bring along a water bottle.

But not all water bottles are equal, and some are better than others. And some water bottles might be better in special ways.

Now, when we mention “special needs” in this guide, it’s not referring to some type of disability. Instead, we’re focusing on various preferences that a runner might have when they use a water bottle.

So, let’s get on with the list of recommended water bottles, depending on the features you’re looking for:

For Most Storage Space: Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated (18 Ounces)

With 18 ounces of water with you, that should be enough to deal with hydration issues when you’re running. What makes this water bottle the best for this purpose is that its size isn’t its best feature. After all, it’s available in smaller sizes.

What really makes it special is that it’s comfortable to hold, and you don’t need to clench your fist around the bottle to keep it secure. The adjustable hand strap is soft and comfy as well. The bottle itself feels soft, ad you can squeeze the bottle easily. Just use it for cold liquids only, please, as it doesn’t work for hot coffee.

Collapsible and Light: Nathan ExoShot 2.0 (14 Ounces)

This is so lightweight (and collapsible too) that after a bit of running, you’ll forget that you’re even carrying it. It’s also easy to fill, and the cap screws on securely. There’s even a slim pocket on the sleeve for your gels and gummies.

Again, it’s only for cold liquids.

Safe to Freeze: Hydrapak SkyFlask (17 Ounces)

You can safely place this in your freezer, and it’s not limited to cold liquids. You can use this for drinks up to 140 degrees F.

It’s very comfy to carry, as it’s basically weightless and you can tuck it in easily in the waistband of your shorts. And the new durable nylon strap offers a secure grip even with your sweaty hands.

A Really Secure Grip: Amphipod Hydraform Ergo Minimalist (16 or 20 Ounces)

This one won’t leave your hands no matter what. The hand strap is adjustable, and it’s also soft and comfy. The whole thing is so comfy that it feels like a part of your hand.

The hand strap also has 2 gel holders that are easy to access, plus you also get a self-sealing valve so you can squeeze as much water as you need.

For Longer Runs: FITLY Soft Water Bottle

This is actually available in 5 different sizes, with the largest at 17 ounces. The design is to have this bottle in a hydration vest (here’s how you choose a hydration vest), and it comes with a straw. That means you won’t need to get the bottle from the pack and you won’t even have to hold it in your hand.

This can fit inside a standard water vest, so it should work for any vest you have. And as you drink from it, you can even shrink it down so you don’t have to deal with any sloshing.

Filtration: Katadyn BeFree Collapsible (20 or 34 Ounces)

With longer runs, you might have to refill your water bottle along the way. That can be a very iffy situation, especially when you’re running in the backcountry. The water might not be all that safe.

But it will be if you use this water bottle. It features a 0.01-micron filter that’s built into the cap of the flask, so it filters the water as you drink from it.

Happy running, and don’t forget to hydrate. In fact, hydration is always crucial, even if you’re running indoors in your local Gold’s Gym.

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