Fantastic Fitness Journals to Monitor Your Health Goals

Fantastic Fitness Journals to Monitor Your Health Goals

If you’re working out and/or dieting to achieve a certain fitness goal, then it’s best if you track your efforts and your progress. That way, you’ll find out which things work for you, and you can change and improve your methods along the way.

Sure, there are apps for this sort of thing. But fitness journals work as well, and sometimes it’s just easier to write things on a notebook than it is to fiddle with a small smartphone. And there are plenty of different types of journals out there, so you can be certain that one of them will suit your needs.

NewMe Fitness Journal

It says “Track Your Nutrition” right there on the cover, so you won’t mistake the purpose of this journal. With 132 pages available, you have various sections here, starting with your nutrition goals. Then you can record your daily meals, as you list down what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the snacks in between.

There are also sections for your water consumption, workout routine, sleep schedule, and even your mood levels for the day.

For those looking to lose weight, there are pages for tracking your weight, measurements, body fat percentage, and other stats. There’s even a handy chart with the calorie contents of common foods.

Workout Log Gym Journal

You can really maximize your efforts at the local XSport Fitness gym when you use this tracker notebook to record your activities and results. There are enough pages here so you can put in comprehensive records for up to 100 workouts.

You can use this to plan your workout schedule for the week, so you can just simply follow through. The prompts encourage you to go for 11 exercises per workout, and you also record your tempo, rest intervals, and cardio duration.

Gone for a Run Day-by-Day Run Planner

As you might have guessed, this may be the best journal for runners. Here, you can track your running performance by recording every facet of your runs. You can record the distance you ran, the pace, and even the particular weather conditions. There are sections here that let you record your mileage for the week and the month, plus sections for your running bucket list and your personal records.

Also, there are nice motivational quotes in the journal, and even a few helpful tips.

Habit Nest The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal

If you’re currently into weightlifting, then this is the journal you buy. It has enough pages to record your weight training program for up to 12 weeks. This lets you record your lifted weights, number of sets, and number of reps per exercise.

This is great even for newbies, as the journal include guided workouts and even illustrations on how to do certain moves. Each section allows you include records for 4 exercises, and you also have sections for your listed fitness goals, cardio results, and even the intensity of each workout.

Clever Fox Wellness Planner

Several actual fitness experts were part of the group that designed this journal, so this option is quite terrific. It involves major health and wellness aspect. It lets you list down your daily priorities to achieve your fitness goals, and this lets you track your workouts, food intake, and water consumption.

Sections here include:

  • Your fitness goals
  • Weekly habit tracking
  • Monthly calendars
  • Grocery planning
  • Daily food logs
  • Activity and workout trackers
  • Workout results records
  • Mood ratings

This journal can work for up to 6 months, and it comes with a durable leather cover. It also features organizational stickers, a pocket for notes, bookmarks, a closure band, and even an elastic penholder. It’s very easy to use as well.

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