Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Great Budget Running Shoes for Flat Feet in 2022

Do you have flat feet? The wrong shoes can make running a lot more uncomfortable, but not if you go with the shoes on this list. Plus, they’re all very affordable. The prices don’t go over $150.

So before you head on to your nearby 24 Hour Fitness Gym and run on the treadmills, make sure you have one of these shoes on your flat feet:

Brooks Dyad 11

Brooks Dyad 11 is a good choice if you have flat feet and you want a more spacious shoe. This won’t mess with your natural stride when you run, while your ride is both stable and comfortable. This works nicely general running or even everyday training workouts.

The key technological aspect is the Dual Arch Pods. When matched with the wider platform of the shoes, you get the additional stability you want. This works really well for longer runs on pavements.

This will accommodate orthotics and inserts if you want customized support. In addition, the width sizes include medium, wide, and even extra-wide widths.

Perhaps the main issue here is that the rather heavy weight of the shoes may not be ideal for sprinting. The laces may also be a bit too short for some people, so you may want to specify longer laces when you get this.

Brooks Glycerin GTS 19

Brooks Glycerin comes with lots of the features that made its predecessor (the Brooks Transcend) so popular. These include lots and lots of cushioning, and premium stability technology. Runners with flat feet will just enjoy the additional cushioning, and that midfoot stability offers better running performance.

Then you also have the new GuideRails technology. Brooks developed this feature to help make sure your feet maintain its natural stride when you run. This not only gives you more comfortable runs, but you also reduce the risk of injury. This is available in both medium and wide widths as well.

On the other hand, these shoes may not be as responsive than some of the other shoes on this list. Also, these shoes aren’t really all that breathable.

Saucony Guide 14

If you’re concentrating on your stability, then these are the shoes you need for running. The Guide 14 is basically a stability shoe, meant for those with flat feet or runners who require additional support for fluid gait mechanics. These shoes help you get your proper form and provide the extra cushioning you need for shock absorption.

Basically, these shoes offer the perfect balance between stability and comfort. The streamlined design gives you that 360-degree stability, yet you’re not burdened with too much bulk like you are with other stability boots.

You can also get these in wide sizes, plus you have both bright and neutral colorways to pick from.

This may not be your best bet for running in really hot summers, however, as the shoes aren’t especially breathable.

Asics Gel-Kayano 28

Do your feet roll inward as you land? If that’s the case, then you need shoes meant for overpronation. In other words, you want the Asics Gel-Kayano 28.

It’s true that the folks at Asics built these shoes for all types of runners. But with its DuoMax Support System, it’s ideal for overpronation. This system features a firm sponge layer in the midsole, so your feet can land in a more neutral position. That makes your feet less likely to roll inwards.

This is actually a rather lightweight shoe, so it works for sprinting. You also get the FF Blast cushioning in the midsole so you get a smooth and supportive ride.

It’s not available in wide sizes, however, and the toe box here is narrower than in previous versions.

Hoka One One Arahi 5

This is the stability shoe you need if you’re sprinting a lot, as this is quite lightweight. You also get that low drop and responsive cushioning.

The lightweight design might concern you, since most stability shoes are rather heavy. But you still get that cushioning and midfoot stability that gives you the shock absorption you need if you have flat feet.

The shoe also works for overpronation, as it features the J-Frame Technology that keeps your feet from rolling inward. It’s quite comfy as well, as it has a breathable mesh upper.

Perhaps the only drawback here is that this version has less arch support than the Arahi 4. Aside from that, it’s really great for sprinting.

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