5 Ways to Fight Hurdles towards Performing Consistent Fitness Routine

It is easy to say that you want to start losing weight, but it’s difficult to be consistent in doing it. Not surprising though, because there are lots of hindrances that you can encounter as you go on with your fitness goals. Yet it’s not the end of your fitness journey, because certainly, there are effective ways on how you can fight those hurdles en route to achieving your fitness goals.

Begin slowly and pace yourself gradually

There’s no instant ticket to achieving a healthier and fitter body, especially if for the longest time, you were used to living an inactive life. So don’t push harder right away. You can start with low- intensity workouts for a couple of weeks, before you can shift to high-intensity workouts. The same goes with your diet; don’t starve yourself on the first few days of your fitness program. You can initially start with low-calorie diet; from there, observe if you can already control your hunger and go with a diet program with more restrictions.

Have a motivating partner beside you

It is always better if you have someone beside you who shares similar fitness goals with you. In this way, you will be more motivated to pursue your fitness regimens, and you will have someone to whom you are accountable to, whenever you think of skipping a day of fitness routines. Choose a partner who is committed and strict when it comes to your fitness goals.

Set realistic goals

It is better to set realistic fitness goals than to make yourself believe that you can lose 20 pounds in one month. According to fitness experts, the average weight loss of a person in one month is 8 pounds—which can be achieved by following a low-calorie diet and low-intensity workouts every day.

Gauge yourself

After you have finished the first month of your fitness program, gauge yourself if you are already prepared to move a little higher from your startup weight loss program. You can do this by undergoing a trial fitness program involving high-intensity workouts and diet with more restrictions. Take down notes to determine how ready you are; and also for you to map out the specific level-up fitness program on your second month. With this, LA Fitness can absolutely help you move a notch higher from where you began.

Avoid justifying your excuses

It is easy to make excuses for skipping your fitness routine. You might say you can go back to it the next day, or you are so tired from work so you can just let the day pass without doing your exercise routines. But you need to always remind yourself that excuses won’t help you achieve your fitness goals.

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