Are There Dangers to CrossFit?

As with everything else, if you do something incorrectly, you are bound to get hurt. The same is true with the CrossFit fitness system. This exercise regimen is designed to make you physically fit and is not inherently bad. It is a high intensity exercise that has helped scores of people lose unwanted weight and improve their strength.

The immense popularity of this fitness system has led to the establishment of many CrossFit gyms all over the world. But not all Crossfit gyms are adhering to the principles of the Crossfit program. As a result, some gym members have overdone their exercises, suffered fatigue and all sorts of problems.

According to David Greier, Jr., orthopedic surgeon and director of sports medicine of the Medical University of South Carolina, some CrossFit members put up with strain and burning muscles. This makes it difficult for them to stop even if they are already feeling a lot of pain.

With this high-strung, high impact approach, more injuries are expected in CrossFit gyms, although there is always a potential for any kind of injury when engaging in any form of exercise. With CrossFit’s approach of pushing their members to the edge until nothing is left in reserve, serious health risks is always a possibility

One Dangerous Health Risk

One Dangerous Health Risk-GymMembershipFeesOne of the most common adverse results in a diluted CrossFit system is Rhabdo – the shortened term of rhadomyolysis. This is a kidney condition that results in excessive physical exercise. It occurs when muscles break down and myoglobin (the byproduct of muscle fibers) is released into the blood stream thus clogging up the kidneys and poisoning them. This is a potentially life-threatening condition which can be aggravated by genetics.

Unadulterated Facts about CrossFit

Unadulterated Facts about CrossFit-GymMembershipFeesCrossFit was founded in 1995 by Greg Glassman, a former gymnast. Glassman believes that a person should not only practice one form of exercise at a time. He combined various functional movements such as Olympic-style weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, cardio, and resistance drills into a high-intensity Workout of the Day or WOD.

It will require a CrossFit member anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete the WOD. This may not sound too difficult to accomplish but it has caused many gym members to feel “pukey”. Exercising to the point of vomiting is something that gym members look forward to experiencing.

The Drawback

The Drawback-GymMembershipFeesThe problem may have cropped up because of the practice of some CrossFit gyms to certify their trainers after completing just two days of seminar and passing a multiple choice examination of 50 questions. This is rather an easy way of qualifying to open up a gym and train as many people as you want.

But that does not mean that CrossFit does not have well-qualified and well-experienced trainers. These types of trainers are fully certified and have the proper affiliation with professional organizations to qualify them as physical fitness instructors.

However, due to the demand for CrossFit systems, such certification became too easy to obtain. The adverse result is the subsequent dilution of the fitness system which tends to hurt a lot of people. Instead of being a good teacher, an inexperienced trainer becomes a liability to those he is supposed to guide.

This is what you might be facing when you apply for a membership in a CrossFit gym near your residence or office. The best thing you can do is to examine the qualifications and experience of the trainers in the gym before you commit yourself to their exercise regimen.

The Pros

The Pros-GymMembershipFeesCrossFit is a fitness program wherein you can achieve amazing results. But you need to consider that you need to be in a good physical shape that will enable you to handle the tough requirements of the system. If you are in good shape and looking to be in a greater form, this system will really help you achieve your fitness goals. In reality, this system is really not for the novice and those who are prone to injuries.

The Verdict

The Verdict-GymMembershipFeesYou are the best judge as to what you can handle. Admittedly, CrossFit presents dangers to those who are not prepared for this kind of high intensity exercise program. The dangers are exacerbated by trainers who are not really well trained and qualified to guide their members.

If you will try to do more than you can even though you are not yet ready for it, you are bound to encounter problems such as over fatigue, and Rhabdo. Not only will you affect your form but you can suffer physical injuries as well.

Always remember that the dangers attributed to the CrossFit system is due to the lack of competent and qualified supervision, combined with poor technique. Knowing what you are capable of, and not disregarding your limitations will help you get through your CrossFit training successfully.

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