Are There Celebrity Diets That Actually Work on Regular People?

You’re probably wary of all these blogs touting the effectiveness of diets that are being promoted by celebrities. After all, these Hollywood personalities spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers and chefs to make sure they get the help they need to stay fit or to lose weight.

But the truth is, while not all celeb diets work, there are quite a few that actually do. Take a look:

The Dukan Diet

This diet was created by French doctor Pierre Dukan and it is a low-carb high protein meal plan. Kate Middleton went on this diet to slim down before her royal wedding. According to Dukan, this diet is precisely the reason why French women are thin without depriving themselves of food they love. The diet is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Limit your food intake to just protein-rich food for 2-7 days
  • Phase 2: Alternate protein-heavy days with vegetarian meal days
  • Phase 3: Reintroduce into your diet fruit, cheese and bread

The Clean Program

Gwyneth Paltrow does 2-3 detoxification a year, each one lasting 3 weeks using The Clean Program, a 21-day cleanse created by Dr. Alejandro Junger, a cardiologist. Under this program, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything that contains gluten, eggs, dairy, sugar, allergy triggers and alcohol. You also need to consume 2 of your meals in the form of juice, soup or smoothie.

22 Days Vegan

Beyoncè Knowles and Jay Z tried the 22 day vegan challenge and posted their progress on social media. The 22 Days Nutrition was created by Marco Borges and it is primarily a plant-based diet with some protein like fish. Both Beyonce and Jay Z showed off their trimmed down physique during the Grammy Awards.


Jessica Biel is just one of the many celebrities who tried the Paleo diet. It’s been around for more than a decade, although it’s been said that this is the same diet of cavemen as well. The diet eliminates dairy, grains and legumes. Jessica credits Paleo for her slim and lean figure.

Clean and Lean

After giving birth to her son, supermodel Lara Stone sought the help of nutritionist and personal trainer James Duigan to bring back her pre-pregnancy body. The Clean and Lean diet is all about fresh, unprocessed low-carb foods that begins with 14 days of consuming high protein foods like meat and eggs, as well as veggies. After this period, you can slowly bring back minimal amounts of dairy and fruits.

Atkins Diet

Kim Kardashian lost over 50 lbs just 11 months after giving birth, in preparation for her wedding. She attributes it mostly to the Atkins Diet which  consists of protein rich foods that have high fat content like nuts, eggs and avocado while avoiding carbs. She also worked hard in the gym with trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson.

Alkaline Diet

Victoria Beckham, mom of 4, attributes her svelte figure to the Alkaline diet which keeps the body’s pH level between 7.35 and 7.45. That means your diet should be mostly 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. This means  you’ll consume more nuts, legumes, fruits and veggies like broccoli, kale and fennel and less of wheat and dairy products, alcohol, fish, meat and even coffee.

5 Factor Diet

Megan Fox credits the 5 Factor Diet for her enviable body. This diet was developed by Harley Pasternak, and it’s a 5-week plan that involves eating 5 meals a day using only 5 ingredients for each meal. The foods should have healthy carbs, fiber, healthy fats and protein. You are given one cheat day.

You can try any of these diet plans and see the results for yourself. Just remember that combining diet and exercise is always a good idea to see better and faster results. Gyms like David Lloyd have all the equipment you need for strength training and cardio, both of which are helpful in boosting metabolism and burning fat.

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