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Arguably the biggest pop star today, Beyonce has gone a long way from her days as part of the all-female group Destiny’s Child. She has sold more than 120 million records as a solo artist. She was named by Time Magazine as the most powerful female musician for 2015, while Billboard hailed her as the Top Female Artist of the 2000s.

Aside from her singing prowess, Beyonce is known for her bootylicious body. Despite being a mom she has maintained a body to die for. Of course, you can say that her rigid schedule may have caused the pop diva to lose some weight. But it cannot be argued that Beyonce has remained healthy looking thanks to her impeccable work ethic.

How does Beyonce maintain a whistle-bait figure? Beyonce is known to be a fitness buff who employs different workouts in order to keep her slim figure. And we’re not even discussing the numerous diet programs that she has followed in the past just to prevent those calories from causing a noticeable increase in body weight.

Daily Workouts

Beyonce is known to be a gym rat who spends a lot of time with trainer Marco Borges. The latter has designed a workout program that has enabled Beyonce to remain slim and attractive despite having given birth.

Aside from the cardio vascular exercises, Borges demands that Beyonce does stair running and sprints. These workouts were designed to target the four major body joints—elbows, hips, knee, and shoulders.

For Mondays, Beyonce would usually do a lot of circuit training. Exercises such as push-ups, squats and press, reverse lunges, cobra planks, pike push ups, straight leg crunches, bicycle crunches, V-ups, and reverse dips are incorporated in her Monday workout.

Beyonce would try to do 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise. Of course, she has to do a warm up of five minutes before doing any of the exercises. Once she is done with the drills, Beyonce cools down with a one minute sprint or one minute slow jogging on the treadmill.

For Tuesdays, Beyonce would continue doing circuit training exercises like front and back lunges, single leg deadlifts, dumbbell rows, Spiderman push ups, overhead medicine ball squat, adominal twists, left lift, and forearm planks. But she would also spend more time on the treadmill to improve her cardio vascular endurance.

For Wednesdays, her workout consists of exercises like shoulder raises, triceps extensions, resistance ball chest press, reverse grip curls and jumping lunges. She would also do twisting planks, shoulder raises, and l-pulls ups, then finish with a treadmill sprint or run.

Aside from her strength exercises, Beyonce spends time for cardio. Apart from running on the treadmill she likes to ride a bike, or use the elliptical machine. But not surprisingly the pop diva shares that her favorite activity for improving her cardiovascular endurance is dancing.

In some of her interviews, Beyonce admits that she can spend up to nine hours dancing especially when preparing for a concert.

Home Workout

A superstar like Beyonce likely will have days when she can’t go to the gym to work out. So it is not surprising that she works out at home, too.

In early 2015, the pop superstar shared some of her workout moves on the popular social media platform Instagram. The post was to honor the fifth anniversary of US First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign that aims to encourage more kids to become active.

In that Instagram post, Beyonce demonstrated the following exercises:

  • Medicine ball roll ups
  • Standing oblique crunches
  • Weighted jabs
  • Lateral power step ups
  • Lunges

What’s noticeable in the Instagram post is how easy this routine can be done at home. All you need is a small medicine ball, a sturdy chair or bench, and a pair of dumbbells.

The medicine ball roll up is an excellent core exercise. It also improves a person’s stability and coordination. Standing oblique crunches, on the other hand, enhances core and leg strength.

Weighted jabs improve core and upper body strength, while lateral power step ups are effective in exercising the lower body, particularly the legs. Lunges are there for targeting the leg muscles.


Beyonce also makes sure that she maintains a healthy diet. In 2013, she and her husband Jay-Z adopted a vegan diet. After more than three weeks the couple looked noticeably slimmer.

A typical daily meal plan for Beyonce consists of egg whites for breakfast, sliced turkey with capers or protein shake for lunch. She then has cucumbers with vinegar or green apples for snacks. For dinner, she usually enjoys yellowtail sashimi.

Her strict diet has helped her lose up to 65 pounds since she gave birth. That and her dedication to working out have helped Beyonce retain the figure that makes her the object of envy of many women around the world.