5 Effective Ways New Moms Can Find Time to Exercise

If you are a new mom, you could find yourself lacking time and energy to exercise, because you are too occupied with your new role. But the good news is, there are actual solutions that can help you squeeze in a little “me” time/ workout time to your usual routine. All it takes is a little planning and cooperation from your husband and the nanny.

Go on a morning walk with your baby

Since you and your baby wake up early in the morning, take advantage of walking your baby around the neighborhood so you can bond together, and work out a little. It is a very convenient way to exercise, especially if it’s only a few months since you have given birth. You can place your baby in a stroller as you walk around. This is also a good chance to bond with fellow moms who are also walking their babies around.

Run for a few minutes every day

If you are already allowed by your ob-gyne to run, allot 15-20 minutes every day to run around your neighborhood. You can ask your husband or baby’s nanny to keep an eye on your baby while you’re outside. Running gives you more adrenaline rush; hence, allowing you to lose more weight as compared to walking. But before running, make sure to consult a doctor and fitness instructor as to the distance that new moms are allowed to tackle.

Join a yoga class

There are yoga classes, specifically tailored for new moms. You can join them to pursue a workout routine and fight postpartum depression as well. Joining a yoga class is a good chance to exercise your mind and body to perform your mommy duties better. You can visit YogaWorks to inquire about their services.

Perform some aerobic exercises at home

Whenever you’re little one is asleep, find time to turn on your T.V., and play an aerobic dance video that you can follow. Apart from exercising, you are also able to practice your dance moves and have fun at home.

Buy gym equipment

After giving birth, you would really notice that you have gained a few pounds. Most often, post-pregnancy fats lie in your belly; and one great way to shred it is through exercise equipment. There are many online stores that sell affordable exercise equipment, so you can always find one that suits your fitness needs and budget.

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