Five Effective Ways of Upgrading Your Exercises to the Next Level

Don’t you get frustrated that you have been doing your exercises properly and yet not getting the results that you want to obtain – specifically, gain massive muscles and burn unwanted fat?

Perhaps you are an experienced body builder who has been maintaining the best nutrition that he can take and working at building a leaner and more defined body. You admit to seeing results on your efforts, but you feel that they’re not enough and that you feel there’s so much more that you can accomplish.

If that’s the case, there is something that you can do in order to enjoy maximum results from your workout. Here are five ways in which you can upgrade your regular exercises to the next level. They involve minimal effort but if you apply them, you are assured of greater results in your workout.

One: Squatting Exercises – Upgrade to Box Squatting

One- Squatting Exercises – Upgrade to Box Squatting-GymMembershipFeesA highly effective exercise is the barbell back squat. This movement involves actions that build many muscle groups and improve density in bones. Squat enhances athleticism, boosts body flexibility, and increase testosterone level.

However, you must perform this exercise perfectly. Otherwise, the end benefits will be less. Inferior performance might lead to injuries, as well.

You can perfect your technique in a simple way – by squatting into a box. Position a box, wood, or other platform behind you in a way that will allow you to squat to a possible level, like you are sitting down the box’ center. Normal depth is where your hips’ crease is just below the knees. Pause for a second or two but do not relax. See to it that the entire body is tight. Then, return to original position.

Two: Drinking Protein after Workout – Upgrade to taking in Whey Protein Hydrolysate

It has been proven that taking in protein drink after exercises and weight training offers benefits. However, you must consider the fact that not any form of protein drink will do. You have to consume the right protein for maximum results – and the best is whey protein hydrolysate.

The concentrate and isolate forms prove to possess superior muscle-building properties. However, the best form of whey protein, known as whey hydrolysate, are touted as better.

A research study found in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed the comparison between the effect of whey hydrolysate protein and micellar casein protein / soy protein isolate.

The hydrolysate, which is whey isolate that is found in broken-down form, absorbs muscle protein synthesis much faster than casein or soy. This desirable characteristic of hydrolysate is attributed to its better digestion rate.

Three: Stretching Exercise – Upgrade it to Stretching Between sets

We try to stretch only prior to our workout, because that’s what we are taught to do. However, many have the belief that best to stretch and not do it at all. In fact, not a few will skip on stretching simply because they feel a few minutes of doing it is time wasted – time that they should spend instead of lifting weights.

Actually, it is a must that stretches are done to performing your exercises properly and avoid injuries.

But, actually you can do a lot more, but stretching between sets. For instance, during your next deadlift, try to stretch the hip flexors while at rest. Kneel while assuming a lunging position. Hips should be pushed forward with glutes contracted on the back leg. This must be held for half a minute, then do the same on the other leg.

You can also stretch the biceps between curls; this allows them to recover for the next sets. Palm must be placed on the bench as fingers point towards you, and with elbow straightened, do a stretch.

Four: Warm Up using Weights – Upgrade by Warming up with Toe-touch Squats

A good practise is performing your warmup exercises using weights for at least five minutes. This will help warm up and get your muscles ready for your workout. But a better way of warming up is by doing toe-touch squats, which can really make your muscles raring and ready to be pumped up. It also ensures that your muscles will not be injured.

Stand straight with feet apart at shoulder-width. Toes are turned slightly like you’re going to perform a squat. Bend at the hips and touch the toes. Squat as low as you possibly and then raise the arm up as you are at the bottom portion of the squat. Get back to standing position. This constitutes one rep.

Five: Writing down Your Exercise Routine – Upgrade to Planning your Workout Long Term

Listing down your workout might be inspiring. Making a note of your exercises helps ensure that you will perform them on a regular basis.

But the better way of successful training is by planning long term workouts, to make sure that you progress in your goal continuously over time. For instance, if you want to eliminate some body fats, included in your plan is a reduction precious seconds off your rest periods for a good number of weeks.

You will be surprised that as you draw out a long term plan, you attain results at your desired date. Long term planning does mean achieving concrete results.

According to XSport Fitness, a premier gym, upgrading your workout allows you to perform exercises safer and more consistently. Another top health club, American Family Fitness, assures that with such upgrades, you work close on your fitness goals until they become a reality.

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