What to Eat Before and After Your Workout

A lot of people don’t realize just how important nutrition is in their journey to proper fitness. For them, being able to workout for 1-2 hours 3-4x a week is all they need to achieve their ideal physique. But nutrition is very crucial to your fitness success and this is why you must see to it that you eat the right foods before and after your workout.

Having sufficient energy and a steady tummy are both keys to a good workout. Don’t skip a pre-exercise meal just because you’re running out of time. If you’re not sure what to eat, here’s a list of foods to consume BEFORE a workout:

1. Whole wheat bagel with jam

Whole-Wheat-GymMemberShipFeesSimple carbs burn quickly while complex carbs take too long to burn. You need something that’s easy to digest and with enough sweetness to give you energy. This is why whole wheat bagel drizzled with jam or honey will fit the bill.

2. Protein shake plus carbs

Protein-Carbs-GymMemberShipFeesPre-made protein shakes make for a very convenient pre-workout snack and the added carbs will give you energy. Aim for 4:1 carb to protein ratio so you can add banana or any other fruit to your shake.

3. Greek yogurt

Greek-Yogurt-GymMemberShipFeesGreek yogurt is easy on the stomach and has lots of protein and carbs, though less in sugar content. It’s a great snack if you’re planning to do some intense workouts.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal-GymMemberShipFeesIt’s an excellent morning snacks because it settles well and provides lots of energy. You can also add some fruits to get you going.

5. Bread with egg and cheese

Bread-Egg-GymMemberShipFeesYou can prepare a sandwich with whole wheat bread and low fat cheese. The egg is just an option in case you want a more filling meal.

6. Coffee

Coffee-GymMemberShipFeesMost people can’t work out without coffee and rightfully so. Coffee helps you to workout more and enhances your energy levels. It also prevents muscle soreness later on.After your workout, your body needs to replenish the energy you lost. You can do so with these protein and carb snacks:

1. Protein shake with banana

Protein-shake-GymMemberShipFeesA protein shake made from water and whey protein mixed with half a slice of a medium banana is an excellent snack after a workout because your body can quickly convert it to energy.

2. Pita bread and hummus

Pita-bread-GymMemberShipFeesHere’s another great protein-carb combo. Hummus is a dip made from chickpeas that have been pureed, and when combined with pita bread will give you plenty of carbs and protein to keep you fueled.

3. Tuna on whole wheat bread

Tuna-Wheat-Bread-GymMemberShipFeesTuna is high in protein and when mixed with whole wheat bread makes for an excellent snacks.

4. Fresh berries and yogurt

Fresh-berries-GymMemberShipFeesLow fat yogurt has 15g of protein per serving and when you add tuna drizzled with olive oil and lemon makes for an ideal meal.

5. PB&J sandwich

PB&J-sandwich-GymMemberShipFeesA peanut butter and jelly sandwich is probably the easiest after workout snack you can prepare. And it’s also an excellent choice for replenishing your lost energy! So, before you head on to Gold’s Gym or any gym for that matter, don’t forget to pack your snacks to get the most benefits from your workout!

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