Say Goodbye To Sore Muscles Quickly!

Muscle soreness is the price every person who goes to a Gold’s Gym pays after a vigorous workout. Known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in sports circles, it usually sets in within a couple a days after a strenuous workout and it’s caused by the microscopic tears in the muscle tissues.  

But don’t hate muscle soreness too much because it actually works in your favor! Since you’re feeling the pain from muscle soreness, you will not plunge back into the specific workout that caused it in the first place. Your body will then have time to heal its microscopic tears and your muscles will become bigger and stronger in the process.

You will still, nonetheless, want to bounce back from muscle soreness faster and better. Here are quick fix tips that you can do after your workout.  

Get an Ice Bath Immediately

Nearly every amateur and professional sports team has an ice bath as part of its facilities for a good reason. Experts strongly encourage athletes to jump into an ice bath after a strenuous workout and game for 10 minutes, maximum. The cold water will significantly reduce muscle soreness in comparison with little to no intervention made.

If you don’t have an ice bath in the gym, you can take a 10-minute cold shower instead. You will not only remove the sweat, grime and dirt from your body, you will also aid in its faster recovery.

Apply Heat Later On

Don’t stop with the ice-cold bath or shower. A few hours afterwards, you should apply a heating pad on the affected area.  You may also use other heat sources, such as a towel dipped in hot water.

The heat stimulates better blood flow that, in turn, loosens up the tightness in the sore muscles. Your body will then enjoy a faster healing process and you can get back to your workout sooner.  

Eat the Right Fruits

Aside from a small protein-rich post-workout snack, you should also eat fruits with anti-inflammatory benefits. The commonly recommended are tart cherries and pineapples, which have bromelain. You can also take supplements with bromelain, which can be bought at health food stores.  

These three tips should be done immediately after your workout. But you should also remember that faster recovery also entails pre-workout steps, such as stretching and warming up before your workout.  You should also perform the movements with the correct form and drink plenty of water during your workout.

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