Top Tips for Running in Winter

Running for your health is generally an all-year affair, and you can’t just stop just because winter is coming, as House Stark likes to say. Obviously, your best bet is to run indoors using treadmills. You can zip into the Workout Anytime gym, and run while feeling toasty warm. There’s nothing to it.

However, if you are determined to run outdoors even in winter, then there are some things you can do to keep it from being a completely miserable time:

Dress Right

You will need to factor in the cold when you run outdoors, but you also have to consider that you’ll sweat in a short while. So, how do you dress for outdoor winter runs?

The trick is to wear clothes as if the actual temperature is about 10 to 20 degrees warmer. You will then be somewhat cool to start with, but you get warm quickly enough with some running time.

Go with several layers of preferably technical fabrics designed to wick moisture. And pick clothes that have handy zippers at the neck and underarm area, so you can easily open up to vent as you start heating up.

Go with the Right Shoes

What you really need in this case is the minimum amount of mesh. That way, you keep the heat inside the shoes while the slush is kept out. Your best bet is to go with Gore-Tex uppers.

Don’t forget to wear socks that keep you warm and also wicks away moisture. Try the SmartWool socks, as they’re not even itchy at all.

Be Safe with Lights

Running in winter usually entails running in the dark. Your problems include not just seeing where you’re going and stepping on, but also having people in cars and on bikes not seeing you at all.

So, first off, you need fluorescent gear with reflective properties, so drivers and bikers won’t run into you. Then try a headlamp or even a flashlight. These lights will let you see better in the dark, plus you’re visible to traffic.

Warm Up Properly

Warming up is crucial when you’re running in winter. When you’re feeling warm, the cold doesn’t seem as bad. Get in where it’s warm before you run, instead of staying out in the cold chatting it up with buddies before starting.

Before you run, get enough movement in so you get your blood flowing. Do just enough so you don’t break out into a sweat. You can start with jumping jacks (always a good choice), try out a jump rope, and then run up and down your stairs a few times.

You can then start running when you’re feeling warm.

Factor in the Wind Direction

First off, chilly winds can be bad for exposed skin, so cover up. Protect your face with a face mask, or use Vaseline or BodyGlide on your skin.

You should start running into the wind, and then finish up with the wind at your back. That way, you don’t get blasted by the chilly wind when you’re already sweating. 

Best Winter Running Tips

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