What To Do After Your Run

What To Do After Your Run

Running is good for you, and plenty of scientific data backs that up. It enhances your cardiovascular health and burns calories. It boosts your confidence and reduces stress. It lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, resting heart rate, and blood pressure. It even increases bone density and builds muscle strength.

But there are things you can do after your run that actually sabotages your running efforts. So, to make sure you’re doing things right, here are some tips on what you should do after your run in your nearby In-Shape Gym:

Change from Your Damp Clothes Immediately

You have to do this, even if you think that you didn’t really sweat a lot during your run. This is because your clothes will actually be a bit damp, and that can lead to a chill. That can happen even during the summer. Also, damp clothes are ideal settings for bacteria.

So, take off your worn clothes, shoes, and socks right away. This keeps your muscles warm and loose. You get good circulation, leading to a good recovery process.

Refuel Properly

Within 20 to 30 minutes after your run, you should drink and eat to refuel your body. You have to do this even if you have some work or other commitment to do right after the run. Pack some healthy snacks beforehand, and you can eat and drink while you’re driving to your next stop.

Try snacks such as a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, with some fruits and almonds, as well. You can also try yogurt and low-fat chocolate milk. You need food with plenty of protein, complex carbs for energy, and a little bit of fat.

You need water too, since you have to rehydrate. Keep a water bottle with you all day, so you can hydrate properly.

On the other hand, you should also avoid pigging out after the run. You don’t have to replace all those calories you just burned off!

Do Some Light Activity After the Run

It’s tempting to just lay back on your couch, as a reward for a nice run. But this is the wrong thing to do. You should do some light activity instead so you keep your blood flowing, and this helps with refueling and repairing your body.

So, get up from the couch, and walk around a bit. Get in some gentle stretches. And if you do need a rest, wear some compression socks to help with the blood flow.

The other extreme to avoid is that you do heavy chores after a run. This might seem logical at first, since you’re already sweaty and dirty. So, why not shovel some snow, pull some weeds, and mow the lawn as well?

The problem with this approach is that your muscles are already tired. That’s why only light activity is recommended. The combination of heavy chores with tired muscles severely increases the risk of injury.

So, you should only do gentle stretches and light walks. Save the heavy chores when you’re at full-strength.

You Need To Do This AFTER Every Run

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