The Top Cardio Machines for Losing Weight

There are several reasons why people go to the gym. Perhaps the most common motivation for many is the need to lose weight. Some people also troop to the fitness centre to beef up their muscles and while a handful want to gain pounds. But it cannot be denied that losing weight prompts the most number of individuals to report to the gym two to three times a week in hopes of gaining their ideal weight.

Thus most gyms are equipped with cardio machines that their members can use to speed up their weight loss. Cardio machines are particularly designed to burn calories and allow its users to lose unwanted pounds fast.  However, you should use these cardio machines well by increasing resistance and pace to get the most out of their calorie-burning potentials. Don’t expect to lose weight if you run at a leisurely pace on the treadmill, or holding on to the rails when using the stair climber.

Here are some of the best cardio machines for losing weight that you can find in the top gyms like Snap Fitness and YMCA:

Stationary Bike

Stationary-Bike-GymMembershipFeesThe stationary bike can burn as much as 1000 calories per hour if the pace is sustained at 80 rotations per minute or rpm. The resistance should also be hard to the point that you will be breathing hard. What’s great about the stationary bike is that it is a simple piece of equipment that focuses on the quadriceps muscles.


Treadmill-GymMembershipFeesThe treadmill can be your ally if you intend to lose around 1,200 calories per hour. Running on a treadmill is a full-body workout that can burn a lot of fat. Sprinting on a reclined treadmill not only burns calories fast but also boosts your metabolism hours after the exercise. If you find that option a bit difficult, you can run at a steady pace. Alternatively, you can walk uphill which is also physically demanding.

Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical-Trainer-GymMembershipFeesWhen using the elliptical trainer, make sure that the resistance is high to get the most out of this machine. Hold on to the handles so that your arms will be involved in the exercise. This way, the muscles of the upper body are engaged in the workout and help in burning more calories. An elliptical trainer can burn as much as 800 calories.

Rowing Machines

Rowing-Machines-GymMembershipFeesLike the treadmill and elliptical machine, the rowing machine provides an excellent full-body workout. You can burn as much as 1000 calories per hour using this piece of equipment. Again, the key to using this machine is to have it at high resistance and work out on a fast pace.

Stair Climber

Stair-Climber-GymMembershipFeesFinally, the stair climber can burn as much as 1400 calories per hour. It works on the thigh and butt muscles while putting pressure on the core and lower legs. However, when using this piece of equipment, make sure that you are not holding on to the rails. An ideal workout is to climb at a quick pace then pause and rest before hopping back on and going over again.

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