Top 8 Unwritten Gym Rules

The first thing you should do at Orangetheory Fitness or any other gym is read the rules. However there are unwritten rules that all members are expected to follow. These are sometimes ignored but really they shouldn’t be.

Don’t be Noisy

Loud phone ringtones, dumbbells and barbells slamming the floor, earphones blaring, all of these are annoying and distract from the workout. Keep the volume down and respect the other members.

Keep Chats to a Minimum

Don’t sit on the rack while chatting on your phone. This is a gym and people come here to work out. It’s okay to have a minute of chat between sets, but don’t lose track of the reason you’re here. Don’t chatter, but be polite and do talk to people.

Dress Properly

The gym’s guidelines will tell you what clothes are appropriate. Generally, runners, sweat pants, shorts and T-shirts are perfectly acceptable. Sandals, short shorts, sports bras and under shirts should be avoided. Nobody cares how fashionable or simple your clothes are, as this place is for workouts.

Put Equipment Back in Place

This is probably stating the obvious but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who just leave dumbbells and other equipment lying around. And once you’re done using those plates, put them back in the rack so the next user won’t have a difficult time removing them.

Pack Two Towels

Most gyms have towels but it’s better to have your own. Use one of your towels to wipe away your sweat, and the other to wipe the gym equipment you used. This seems like a minor thing, but members will appreciate the fact you clean up after using equipment.

Do Not Litter

Don’t leave water bottles, wrapper, chalk or anything on the floor. Bring a garbage bag with you and put all your thrash there. Leave the equipment and work area the way it was before you came.

Respect Personal Space

People need personal space so keep some distance apart. Do this and they’ll extend the same courtesy to you. Keeping your distance is also for your own good in case someone drops a dumbbell or there’s an accident.


Apply deodorant before and after working out.


If you’re going to enroll at Virgin Active or any other gym, it’s imperative that you learn the rules, written and unwritten. Doing so is going to make your time in the gym more fun and productive.

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