Time to Give Up These Nine Habits that Can Injure the Penis

Every man knows that his penis is the most important part of his manhood. In fact, most believe that the penis is their sole manhood. And so, you’re doing everything to ensure that it is healthy by treating it properly. However, you must know that you might have some habits that can be harmful to it.

To ensure that you are not injuring your penis and not inflicting any damage, take note of the following 9 habits that can actually hurt it. If you’re doing them, it’s time to stop immediately – for the sake of your penis.

1. You’re a couch potato

You’re a couch potato-GymMembershipFeesAre you not exercising enough? You better do right now. It has been found out in a research study by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center that men who perform less exercise are prone to erectile problems and sexual dysfunction.

In the research, almost 300 subjects were asked to report their activity levels, which include sedentary, mildly active level, moderately active level, and highly active. The participants reported the extent and quality of their sexual function. The report included ability of their penis to have an erection, specifically its quality and frequency, as well as orgasm.

Results showed that those who engaged in frequent exercise enjoyed higher levels of sexual function. Participants who had less exercise reported lower sexual function levels.

2. You’re a chain smoker

It’s time to give up the cigarette. A study by the British Journal of Urology involves 65 men who engaged in an 8-week quit program. They were made to undergo erectile testing just before the smoke quitting date, middle of the program, and a month after its conclusion.

Around 20% of the participants reported to have erectile dysfunction. At the end of the study, 75% of those who committed to be nicotine-free experienced wider and firmer erection. They also reached maximum orgasm, while diminishing any erectile dysfunction.

In a research study performed by the University of Sheffield in 2004, an analysis of sperm samples was done on 1,970 men. Researchers discovered that less than 4% of smokers have sperms that were standard in shape and size.

3. You’re practically a celibate

If you have ample sex, it’s actually a win-win situation, since you enjoy the experience and at the same time, you’re less prone to suffering erectile dysfunction – this is according to an American Journal of Medicine study.

In the study, it was discovered that men who have sex less than once a week have twice the chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction as those who have any form of sexual activity more than once every week. It is recommended that you do it at least three times a week to ensure a healthy reproductive system.

4. You’re getting less sleep

In a recent study done by the University of Michigan, men who are not getting enough sleep are likely to have low level of sexual desire the following day. Men lacking in quality sleep have been determined to possess lesser capability to reproduce. Those with fewer than 5 hours of sleep go low in their testosterone. This is why it is advised to hit you bid early in the evening in order to enjoy at least 6 hours of quality sleep.

5. You eat anything but not watermelon

A study sponsored by Texas A&M University discovered a major ingredient present in watermelon known as citrulline-arginine, which helps blood vessels to relax by the boosting of nitric oxide. This ingredient actually works the same way as Viagra. Next time, have a slice of this sweet, reddish watery fruit.

6. You love to eat processed food

Junk food have zero nutrients, vitamins, and mineral. Clearly, they have no value when it comes to nutrition. Studies proved that men who are avid junk and processed food eaters, those that are particularly high in harmful trans-fat, possess poor-quality sperm. Men who want to enjoy a healthier reproductive system must follow a nutritious diet, like vegetables, fruit, fish, and whole grains.

7. You’re in front of the TV the whole day

Time to keep your TV in the store room. Men who watch TV for a good number of hours of the day have almost 50 percent lower sperm cell count compared to those who does minimal TV watching, according to a University of Rochester 2010 study. As they maintain their TV viewing habits, they pursue a sedentary lifestyle. And with the lack of activity, these lead to having poor quality sperm.

8. You Refrain from Using Sunblock

Not using sunblock exposes you to the many hazards brought about by the exposure to sun’s rays. One of the major risks you get from non-use of sunblock is skin cancer. Also, over exposure to the sun can increase your risk of infertility. Sun exposure reduces a man’s ability for reproduction by as much as 30%. Hence, rubbing sunscreen onto the skin effectively protects you from reproductive conditions.

9. You have poor dental hygiene

Journal of Periodontology research study discovered gum disease to be a major cause of erectile dysfunction. As bacteria existing in your gums travel through the body, this induces inflammation. Consequently, blood vessels in the penis become damaged. Hence, it is a must to observe healthy dental hygiene by going to the dentist a maximum of twice a year.

Both American Family Fitness and Mountainside Fitness are one in saying that men must not only to engage in regular exercises, but to give up the above habits altogether. Doing so ensures that you will have a healthy penis and perfectly-working reproductive system.

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