The Sexy Female Bodybuilder: When Feminine Strength Takes On Another Form

While the mainstream image of the ideal feminine form is still the Victoria’s Secret Angels, you will find more and more women challenging the idea and, in the process, espousing a more positive body image for all body types. Enter the sexy female bodybuilder taking the concept of feminine strength to a whole new level!

In with the Fit

Female bodybuilders have a strong message to the mainstream media – The fit and strong are replacing the frail and starved. While skinny, slim and slender women should not be vilified either, more women are seeing the benefits of having more meat and muscles, so to speak, on their physiques and, in so doing, adding another dimension to female empowerment. Think about it: With more muscles come more muscular strength and cardiovascular stamina that, in turn, can mean more power.

Of course, you can be fit without getting the muscular bodies of famous female bodybuilders like Nikki Fuller, Rebekka Armstrong, and Chyna. You can still maintain your feminine curves yet enjoy toned muscles that will make you bikini-ready the whole year-round.

But you may also want to go the way of the professional female bodybuilders who can give man men a run for their money on the competition stage. As a 21st century woman, you have this choice and be praised for making it.

In with these Tips

When you have made the decision to become ripped, as bodybuilders call it, you have to keep these tips in mind. You must always remember that making the transition from a toned body to a ripped boy carried risks, which must be managed for your own safety.

  • Find your inspiration. Your motivation should come from inside yourself since it’s the best way to sustain your efforts despite the inevitable challenges that will come your way.
  • Get a personal trainer. You can think of your personal trainer as your mentor, role model, and exercise buddy rolled into one. You should not start your journey without a map, too, and your personal trainer will be your guide in this matter.
  • Enroll in a gym. Your best choice is a gym that provides all the necessary weight training equipment for bodybuilding purposes, such as the David Barton Gym or Gold’s Gym. You may even be inspired by the professional bodybuilders who perform their workouts in these gyms.
  • Be educated. You should read books about bodybuilding for women, ask the advice of professional bodybuilders, and join clubs so that you will have more reliable information.

In the end, your journey is one that you have to make on your own – no one else will perform the exercises on your behalf – but it pays to have an experienced personal trainer as your guide.

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