The Real Gladiator Workout to Sculpt Your Body

To a lot of men, having that gladiator-like body is the height of what they want to achieve. Surely you have seen those movies and television shows showing men fighting for their lives in ancient coliseums. Dirt and sweat and threat-from-swords-and-lions aside, you could understand how men would like to be like these gladiators in terms of having that perfect body.

Unlike most gym bunnies with heavy upper body and skinny legs, gladiators have well-proportioned bodies, with every muscle screaming strength. On top of that, you know that the muscles aren’t there just to show off. You are aware how fast gladiators can move and that their bodies are designed to subdue their opponents effectively.

Achieving your desired gladiator physique should not be an impossibility. You’re lucky that in this day and age, you wouldn’t have to attend a Roman gladiator school for this, and be taught under harsh conditions. You could simply enroll to one of the best-known gyms in the country, like Gold’s gym, discuss your goals with your trainer, and you’re on your way to finally getting that gladiator form. Of course, you also have to work out religiously if you’re dedicated to complete the task at hand.

What workout should you have to get that sculpted body?

To get your body battle-ready, your training should build your strength, stamina, and agility. Every training session, expect to jump, lift, run, and get all your body parts sweating. The exercises are going to be brutal not only to your body and mind, but also to your spirit.

Now if you’re ready to take on the challenge, read below to learn the exercises that you can perform. Note that between each set, you can rest for up to 45 seconds.

  1. Warm up. Before you start lifting weights and starting any full exercise, you need to get the blood flowing in your body to prepare you for the day’s training. You need to do jumping jacks, jump squats, and push-ups—these should all have three sets, and each set with 12 repetitions. And then you need to do running in place; three sets, 30 seconds each set.
  2. Box jump. For your first exercise, you need to do box jumps. This is only one set, with 30 repetitions.
  3. Plank. This exercise will only be for one set as well, but you need to repeat it until you are too tired to continue.
  4. Arc wheel. Similar to plank, this exercise will be for one set; repeat the exercise until you get tired.
  5. Push ups and pike ins. Both exercises will be for three sets, and five repetitions per set.
  6. Ab wheel and reverse ab wheel. Both exercises will be for three sets, and 20 feet each set.
  7. Rotary leg raise. Do three sets for this exercise. End each set when you are too tired to continue.
  8. Spartan flip and Spartan slam. Perform three sets of each exercise. You can finish each set when you are too tired to continue.

Aside from the above-mentioned exercises, be sure to lift weights in the gym. To build muscles that are proportioned, each day that you go to the gym, you have to focus on building certain muscle groups. For example, (after your gladiator workout) on day one, do chest and bicep exercises; on day two, focus on your shoulders, legs, and calves; and on day three, focus on your back and triceps. Check with your trainer as he or she could definitely assist you on this.

Learn martial arts

This shouldn’t sound as a surprise to you. As you have seen your gladiators on movies and television, you would know how well they strike to take down their opponents. Gold’s gym offers mixed martial arts classes so you may want to check them out. You may also want to see what lessons iLoveKickboxing offer since they specialize in kickboxing.

As a full contact combat sport, doing mixed martial arts training will make you familiar with kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and grappling. You will be able to learn how to throw excellent attacks, be able to defend yourself from your opponents, and be able to improve your reaction time.

With martial arts, all your muscle groups will have a regular workout. You will be able to build the strength of your body parts, from your head to your feet. You will also be able to strengthen your stamina and increase your energy level.

Building a gladiator physique can turn your life for the better. Not only after achieving it, but more so during the whole process. It will teach you to eat healthy meals, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and improve your confidence. All you need is enough motivation and dedication to ensure that you will stick to your program until the end.

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