Supplements That Can Help You With Muscle Building

Whether you’re skinny and looking to boost a bit of muscle mass or already in the gym every week and simply want to maximize your performance, there are many ways to do so. When you’re working out super hard and not seeing the results you desire, it can be upsetting and demoralizing. This is why so many men and women turn to supplements.

What Are Supplements?

The supplement industry is a booming one. Over 31 billion dollars worth of nutritional and vitamin supplements are made and sold in the US every year. But, what are you actually buying, and do they work?

Supplements can include a range of ingredients, most of which are natural food or plant-based compounds. They are designed to increase the intake of certain compounds, in return helping certain aspects of your body. In this case, they’re targeted at making your body grow muscle quicker or increase performance; supplements are not regulated like drugs, so it is often hard to know which will definitely work for you.

Testosterone Boosters

One of the most common supplements taken by those looking to build muscle quicker is testosterone. Supplements like PrimeMale include nothing but 100% natural ingredients, all of which work in different ways to either help promote or sustain testosterone production or retention. This is great, as testosterone is a key compound when building muscle in both men and women. While testosterone is created naturally in both men and women, a lack of testosterone can lead to lower energy levels, concentration levels, poor performance, and a bad mood, all of which lead to inefficient workouts and poor muscle-building qualities. 


You should know that creatine is another naturally occurring compound made in the body. However, studies show that increasing your creatine levels with powdered or tablet supplements can help increase muscle mass by up to 40% while also helping to increase muscle strength and endurance. On top of that, it also boosts water retention in the muscles, giving them a larger and fuller look. Experts across the board agree that creatine is an essential supplement for muscle building. 


Everyone knows that you need protein to build muscle. Protein is full of the essential amino acids that the body uses to create, repair, and maintain muscle tissue. Muscles tear slightly during exercise; then proteins help them rebuild and regrow stronger than previously. The amount required per person varies, but recommendations tend to suggest 1g protein for every pound of bodyweight. So, if you weigh 150lbs, you should aim to hit 150g of protein a day, especially when working out. If you find it hard to eat that many calories worth of protein, you can turn to protein drinks, bars, and other supplementary snacks. Protein supplements, therefore, are some of the most widely sold supplements on the planet.

A combination of the three supplements above, alongside a healthy and balanced diet, will help you change your body shape quickly. You’ll find that you recover quickly, have more strength, and will slowly see your muscles growing over time. Though, none of this works unless you are working out – hard! 

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