Staying Slim During the Holidays is Easy

Partying with good foods and lots of wines makes the holiday a real feast. But then there is always a downside to it, especially if you are watching your weight. It is very difficult to resist going with the crowd especially when the holiday season comes.

However, if you are really intent on staying in shape, you must take a defensive position. You cannot force others to stop eating and drinking to their hearts content, but you can stop them from influencing you to do the same.

Don’t be like so many who throw their self-discipline out of the window, thinking that they’ll be able to recover good ground after the New Year is over. Actually, things never work out that way with weight watchers.

So here are some practical tips on how you can stay at your wits and your ideal weight during the holidays amidst all the merry makings of your family and friends.

1. Stay within your dietary limits

Stay within your dietary limits-GymMembershipFeesThe number one thing that will keep you from adding unwanted fat during the holidays is by simply sticking to your diet and healthy eating habits that you have already been doing for some time.

Don’t give in to the opportunities of indulging your appetite. You can do this without causing any undue stress on others if you let them know of your dietary regimen ahead so that they will not lead you into a situation where you will be tempted to compromise with your weight loss program.

2. Stay with your physical exercise schedule

Stay with your physical exercise schedule-GymMembershipFeesThere may be a lot of activities that will compete with your scheduled workouts at the gym. If you give in to the temptation of just going out to party and never mind the gym, you will find yourself getting fatter when January arrives.

So if you are a member of Fitness First or UFC Gym, don’t forget your regular schedule. Keep it up and you won’t get fat. Try to re-schedule your parties in a way that will not conflict with your exercise schedule.

3. Do not skip a meal before going to a party.

Do not skip a meal before going to a party-GymMembershipFeesIf you know that there’s a party that you are going to, don’t go there without anything on your stomach or you will be tempted to over indulge yourself with every tasty food that you will see on the table.

In fact, when you are hungry, all the foods that are laid out on the table will be very tempting to your eyes, even if they are not really that good at all.

If the party is scheduled to start after work, try to get a small snack before the party begins. In that way, your stomach will be half full and you will not feel the urge to stuff yourself even if they serve the most delicious dishes on the table.

4. Think thin when in front of the buffet table.

Think thin when in front of the buffet table-GymMembershipFeesBefore grabbing a plate, survey the buffet table first so you can see which types of foods you can safely take. If you just go there without thinking, you might stuff your plate with all the fattening foods that holidays parties usually offer.

5. Take control of the spirits.

Take control of the spirits-GymMembershipFeesThere are no parties where wine and alcohol are not served. Therefore, watch your intake of spirits for if you don’t, you will be easily influenced to eat more than what you need to because you don’t have full control of yourself.

Take alcohol only in the amount that you will not feel tipsy and lose control of your wits. The moment you feel gregarious and talkative, stop drinking or your food intake will begin to shoot up.

6. Keep to the company of like-minded people.

Keep to the company of like-minded people-GymMembershipFeesIf you choose your friends at the office, or in your neighborhood, you will likely be able to achieve your personal goals because they will be supportive of your endeavors. But if you just let your officemates force themselves on you, then you will be under their influence and probably be induced to do the things that they want you to do. Be friendly with them, but not to the point that they influence you to do things that won’t help you achieve your goals.

7. Be Your own person.

Be Your own person-GymMembershipFeesDuring the holidays, most people will be in a partying mood and will tend to indulge in food and wine. That doesn’t mean that you also need to do the same. Yes, it is very difficult to be different. People will tend to set you apart. But if you have a goal to achieve, which is to lose weight, you need to stick to your guns.

A small hole left unchecked is what will destroy a dam and a small compromise will let the flood of booze and foods sweep you away from your goal of losing weight.

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