Six Major Benefits of Protein Supplementation

You have been exerting so much effort in order to achieve your bodybuilding goal, yet after months of hard work and perseverance, you realized that you have yet to gain a single ounce of muscle. What you add instead to your body frame are unwanted fats. What are you doing wrong? Why haven’t you seen the results that you desire for your body?

Experts advise that there is one food that will truly help you in achieving the body of your dreams – and this is whey protein.

You don’t have to fret. Consume whey regularly, and you are on your way to owning the physique that you long for. Many have trusted this humble protein, and they went on building lean muscles, and gaining a whole range of important health benefits as well.

Now, it’s your turn. Here are 6 benefits that you can obtain from regular consumption of whey protein.

1. Bulk up in size and increase in strength

If you’ve been going to the gym practically every day, hoping to bulk up on body size and strength, you can increase the possibility of it happening by regularly taking whey protein. Recent research had shown that men who underwent resistance training for a period of time, while taking supplements of casein, whey protein, and free amino acids were able to gain significant increase in body size and muscle strength. This is in contract to another group who performed the same amount of resistance training and were given placebo, the result of which was insignificant gain in body mass and strength.

2. Reduce body fat while preserving muscle

Reduce body fat while preserving muscle-GymMembershipFeesPerhaps, you’ve been trying to shed off excess fat by reducing your intake of food. Do you know that you can easily earn positive results from your efforts with whey protein supplementation? A Minnesota study was done wherein participants were tasked to reduce caloric intake by 500 calories. Half of the group were given whey protein while the rest took isocaloric mix beverage. Participants taking whey enjoyed a good 6% loss of body fat and preserved their muscles. Those who took isocalorix mix beverage lost both body fat and muscle mass.

3. Stave off hunger

Forever hungry? Did you know that whey protein allows you to reduce hunger sensations and avoid excessive consumption of food? If you are obese from too much eating, taking whey can prevent your body from releasing ghrelin, a hormone that eliminates hunger pangs by as much as four hours. Hence, instead of eating unhealthy and calorie-laden snack to satisfy your hunger, why not have a whey protein shake? It will keep you from feeling hungry for a good part of your day.

4. Defeat the Big “C”

Defeat the Big “C”- GymMembershipFeesEveryone seems to avoid talking about Cancer, a disease that can threaten one’s mortality. Worse, Cancer can hit anyone without notice, like a thief in the night. It’s a good thing that there are now ways in which you can protect yourself from it, one of which is whey supplementation. Scientific researches revealed that this protein helps fight a number of cancer types, such as colon and prostate cancer.

Don’t be a victim of Cancer. Especially if you are at high risk, it’s best to remember splashing sunscreen before you exposed yourself to the sun, and consume your allotted whey protein supplement for the day.

5. Strengthen your immune system

Have you been feeling weak physically? It’s time to improve and strengthen your body’s immune system. People who undergo strenuous physical activities are prone to suffer from a marked reduction of glutathione levels that can potentially affect gastrointestinal, nervous, and immune systems. It was discovered that whey protein supplementation can result in reduced glutathione level reduction. Hence, if you are into cardio and aerobic workouts, protect your immune system by drinking whey during every aerobic session.

6. Deal with Life Stresses

Life can be stressful. Unfortunately, many individuals suffering from stress don’t know how to cope with it. A proven solution that will help people deal with it is by taking when protein. Regular consumption results in the reduction of stress symptoms such as depression.

Studies showed that those who regularly take the supplement are known to enjoy happy mood and possess positive disposition in life. So, before you even open a bottle of scotch because you can’t seem to handle stress, remember that you can opt for a better alternative in whey.

Adding whey protein to your daily diet is easy. You can start by mixing it with specific foods, such as shakes, pies, and sweetened beverages. It is recommended that whey protein is consumed by body builders, individuals exposed to stressful environments, and those who are at high risk of Cancer, diabetes, and other similar diseases.

Simply put, whey is a good source of high value protein that boasts of a lot of nutritional and health benefits, apart from providing much needed nourishment. It is a safe and natural food supplement that body builders must opt to, since it is easily digestible with most nourishment absorbed by the body and into the muscle.  It is no wonder why many gyms such as Goodlife and Retro Fitness recommend the regular consumption of whey protein to their clients.

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