Secret Gyms on the Rise: Are You Willing to Risk Your Health for Fitness?

Reports of gyms operating illegally in places where non-essential businesses are ordered to close down are on the rise. While alarming, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Prohibitions tend to create good business for those who are willing to take the risk and some gym owners and operators are okay with the dangers to keep the lights on. 

It’s a huge dilemma, especially since closures also damage the livelihood of a lot of people. For some, it’s a matter of which risk to take and it’s very unfortunate. If businesses don’t operate, they don’t get to provide salaries to their employees. If they do, they are creating environments that are rife for infection and they’ll put their employees and clients in danger. As governments are not even considering providing aid to the fitness industry, the situation is very bleak.

For some operators, the demand is tempting. A lot of people are not willing to look for alternatives to working out at the gym for various reasons. At the top of this list is the compulsion that comes to those who have made this activity a habit and a part of their regular routine. It’s scientifically proven that those who have always been exercising will have serious emotional and physical downturn if they don’t exercise for a significant period of time. Combined with a preference for specific exercise spaces and equipment, some folks can really be resistant to restrictions related to going to the gym.

As gyms also have very unique atmospheres and communities and lots of people are not willing to give those up. Some just get better motivated while around others who are also working out, so they prefer exercising in such environments. The spaces are also drastically different from other places where you can workout so it gets many people in a good headspace by just being in a gym.

Switching to a new workout is also too tedious for a lot of people. There are those who took years before they found the right kind of exercise for them and many are done in gyms and studios. Opting for an alternative poses great challenges and hesitations.

Should You Risk Going to Underground Gyms?

But is an in-person exercise class or using your favorite equipment worth the risk of contracting the coronavirus? Experts strongly recommend against the patronage of illegal gyms as lots of them do not even follow health and safety protocols that are required by the  government. By operating underground, there are no more regulations for these places, so they further increase the dangers that come with going to the gym.

What can you do instead, you might be wondering? Head to the places that made adjustments to ensure their employees’ and clients’ safety. SoulCycle, for one, are now offering outdoor classes so that’s way better than being in an enclosed space with poor ventilation. They also ensure to follow the safety mandates of local governments.

CorePower Yoga, on the other hand, ensures keeping their classes’ attendees’ numbers controlled. They will not accept walk-ins anymore to ensure proper social distancing. They also mandated all of their employees and class participants to wear face masks.

Speakeasy gyms may seem alluring but it’s definitely not worth risking your overall health for a trip to the gym when there are safer alternatives.

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