Rolflex Pro – Does It Really Relieve Sore Muscles?

Rolflex Pro – Does It Really Relieve Sore Muscles?

The Rolflex Pro, is a portable self-massage device designed to help relieve muscle pain and soreness, and promote faster recovery. There are many foam rollers in the market but what stood out for me was Rolflex Pro’s two arms which apply pressure to the sore muscles.

When I saw this product online, I decided to give it a try. When it arrived in the mail, I opened it right away eager to use it. Its adjustable contoured roller inserts are made from EVA foam which is non-toxic and you can use various options to mimic varying pressure – firm, medium or hard.

I use the Rolflex Pro right after working out and I especially enjoy using it to massage my elbows and calves as I found it was easy to position the tool around these areas. The rollers would easily glide over and roll out. The high-density roller works great with the calves, quads and other larger muscle groups while the lower-density roller does wonders for my forearms and neck. You can also use it to massage the deep abdominal muscles of the spine situated in the lower back but you’ll need to use some straps to set this up and frankly it’s just too much work for me.

You’ll need to use this device consistently to see some positive results. But even though I don’t use it after every workout, I do use it a couple of times a week (when I have time to spare) and it’s done quite a good job of relaxing tight muscles and relieving any soreness.

What I Like About the RolFlex Pro

There are 3 things I especially like about this device and why I would recommend it to anyone who exercises regularly.

1. You can use it to massage different muscle groups. You can adjust its arms and switch out the rollers so you can use it for various areas in your body.

2. The therapy rollers can maneuver easily over areas like the hamstrings and elbows which would normally require an extra pair of hands

3. It’s portable so you can use it anytime, anywhere whether at home, in the gym or even when you’re traveling.

What I Don’t Like About the RolFlex Pro

There are a few things I disliked about the device, although these are really minor.

1. The material is made of plastic which feels flimsy. Mine is still working just fine though so it’s durable enough. It’s just that when you change the attachments, it would seem like they’d break.

2. You have to adjust it for every muscle group. Not a big deal really but it does take a bit of my time.

3. The demo videos online are rather boring. You’re better off figuring it out on your own, tbh.

I’d definitely recommend the Rolflex Pro to manage muscle tightness and post-workout relief. It is definitely a convenient and effective self-massaging solution that can target various muscle groups with just a single device. To know more about this product and how to use it, check out the video below:

Rolflex Pro – Relieve Forearm and Elbow Pain Due to Tendonitis

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