Proportionality Of Body Calculator

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Beauty abounds in nature and not only in person. She may have naturally shimmering blond hair and, added to it, she also has the magnificent and truly unique color in her violet eyes. She is, indeed, a unique specie.

But that is not all there is to it. A beauty pageant, for instance and one you might not understand sometimes, choses a totally different winner than the most popular one. Of course, the judges take into consideration a lot of things but what is least known is the contestant’s body symmetry.

Body symmetry or proportionality of the body is the shape and the size of the human body. The proportion of a man is totally different than that of a woman and from childhood to adulthood, transformations in body symmetry slowly happens.

There is no body proportion that is better than the other and it is individualistic and varies from one person to another, and from one race to another. All body shapes, however, no matter which gender or race, is based wholly on the skeletal frame, fat distribution and muscle content.
In art, body proportions have long been used and exemplified by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci with his Vitruvian Man to correlate with architecture and, later, Peter Paul Rubens” depiction of a full-bodied woman.