How to Effectively Transform Your Body in Just 30 Days

By now you’ve probably seen dozens of articles and videos promising to help you achieve your dream body in just a month or less. We’re guessing you’ve tried 1 or 2 of these “secret methods” yourself only to end up with disappointment. These self-help videos may have put you in the right direction but achieving your fitness goals does not have to be complicated. The more difficult it is, the less likely we’re going to see it through. Right?

SO, if you’re like most of us who just want to succeed at achieving the body you’ve always wanted, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide does not have some secret formula to losing 20 lbs or perhaps a celebrity-endorsed fitness program. What we have here are four easy to understand and follow steps that can help you no matter where you are in your fitness journey. By simply following these steps for 30 days you can see positive changes in your body. Although of course, you get better results if you follow these steps long-term.

Step 1. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day for 30 days.

Water flushes out toxins and fat from your body which could be one of the reasons you’re not losing weight. So make it a habit to consume 8 glasses of water daily, and avoid other drinks particularly those that are rich in sugar (sodas, colas, shakes, fruit-flavored juices etc). It’s also a good idea to add some lemon slices to your water.

Step 2: Avoid all artificial sweeteners and refined sugar.

Make it a habit to read labels of food packaging and product labels, and avoid those that contain refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. You can opt for alternative sweeteners instead such as honey and stevia. The problem however is that we don’t know how much sugar is in these items so keeping it to the bare minimum is recommended. If you can completely eliminate sugar and sweeteners for 30 days, then you’ll see better outcomes.

Step 3: Practice portion control.

There is no reason to starve yourself just to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. The key is control – or more specifically, portion control. It’s about knowing the correct serving sizes for your foods so that you’re not consuming more calories than what your body needs, or conversely, not consuming less than what your body needs.

One of the best ways to practice portion control is by using smaller dinner plates. Your brain will signal your body that you’re already full after eating from a small dish. Additionally, when eating out, it’s also a good idea to request for a half portion to prevent you from overeating. And finally, drink a full glass of water before you eat as this will help you feel less hungry.

Step 4: Exercise 30 minutes a day, 6 days per week.

We recommend alternating your exercises between cardio and weight training. Most gyms like Fitness 19 or Planet Fitness have all the equipment you need for a good and well-rounded workout program. If you feel you’re too busy to allot 30 minutes to exercise daily, break it into two sets of 15 minutes per day. For example, you can jog for 15-20 minutes in the morning and then do some HIITs for 10-15 minutes during your break.

If your goal is to transform your body, consistency and discipline are a must. At some point in the next 30 days you might feel discouraged, or you might be tempted to skip a step (there’s a party you want to attend this Saturday and booze will be served!). But learn to say no to temptations and commit yourself 100% to this journey. Then and only then will you truly succeed and achieve your fitness goals.

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