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Jun, 2024. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

While the Nutrisystem has been well-regarded as a diet delivery plan system, its costs aren’t always easy to figure out.

That’s because there are different diet plans for men and women, and there are different options available for each gender. The cost can be as low as $274.99 or it can reach as much as $576.91 per month.

You must also need to understand that for the most part the food will only be good for 6 days a week. This means you’ll need to spend money to buy food for one day a week. In addition, you’ll also shoulder the cost of supplementing the Nutrisystem diet with your own dairy, fruits, and vegetables.

Here’s a list of Nutrisystem prices:


Each diet plan comes with an auto-delivery option, which provides a rather significant discount. It can cut as much as $100 or even $200 from the price. However, this option requires you to commit to the Nutrisystem plan for more than a month.

With this option, you can only ask for a full refund within 14 days. Exercising that option within this time frame lets you return the remaining food, and you get a full refund minus the shipping costs. After 14 days, however, you’ll have to pay another $99 to cover the discount you enjoyed with the auto-delivery system.

Men’s Basic Plan

For the first week only, you get the Turbo Takeoff plan. Each day in this plan gets you breakfast, lunch, dinner, a TurboShake, and a NutriCrush snack bar. That’s 7 of everything.

Then for the next 3 weeks after that, you get breakfast and 2 snacks every day, and lunch and dinner for 6 of the 7 days. The meals are “shelf-stable”, which means they come in pouches that you don’t need to put in the fridge. There are no frozen meals. For one day a week, you need to buy your own lunch and dinner.

  • With auto-delivery, this will cost $314.99 per month.
  • Without auto-delivery, the price goes to $484.60 a month.
  • You can get the option to customize your menu, but that will cost you another $19.99 a month.

Men’s Core Plan

This is the same number of meals and snacks you get with the Basic plan, and again they’re all shelf-stable. However, with this plan you also get ready-to-go customization, and you also have access to so you can better track your progress.

  • This costs $334.99 with auto-delivery.
  • Without auto-delivery, it’s $515.37.

Men’s Uniquely Yours Plan

Here, in addition to the features of the Core plan you also get both shelf-stable and frozen foods, along with fresh-frozen menu customization. You also have phone access to weight loss counselors.

  • It’s $374.99 with AD.
  • It’s $576.91 without it.

Men’s Diabetes Basic Plan

This gives you 5 meals a day, which includes snacks and desserts. They’re all shelf-stable. You get access to and direct access to diabetes educators.

  • It’s $314.99 with AD.
  • It’s $484.60 without AD.

Men’s Diabetic Core Plan

It’s the same as the Basic except this time you also enjoy ready-to-go menu customization.

  • It’s $334.99 with AD.
  • It’s $515.37 without.

Men’s Diabetes Uniquely Yours Plan

This adds frozen meals along with fresh-frozen meal customization.

  • It’s $374.99 with AD.
  • It’s $576.91 without.

Men’s Vegetarian Core

This is the same as the standard Core plan, though it’s for vegetarians.

  • It’s $374.99 with AD.
  • It’s $576.91 without.

Women’s Plans

The features for the Women’s plans are the same, except that the Diabetes plans offer 4 meals instead of 5.

  • Basic. $274.99 with AD, $423.06 without, extra $19.99 for menu customization.
  • Core. $294.99 with AD, $453.83 without.
  • Uniquely Yours. $334.99 with AD, $513.37 without.
  • Diabetes Basic. $274.99 with AD, $423.06 without.
  • Diabetes Core. $294.99 with AD, $453.83 without.
  • Diabetes Uniquely Yours. $334.99 with AD, $515.37 without.
  • Vegetarian Core. $334.99 with AD, $515.37 without.

Hopefully the right plan is within your budget!