2 Popular Diet Plans Examined

While performing cardio, flexibility, and strength training exercises on a regular basis in your nearest David Barton Gym is a must to achieve a fit physique, you have to remember that a healthy diet is a must, too. This leads to the question: What is the best diet especially for men?

You have so many choices, such as eating six small meals a day, fasting for a certain number of days, and eating three square meals a day, that you will be hard-pressed to decide. Your choices will even include the diets espoused by individuals, such as the Atkins diet, the Paleolithic diet, and the Weight Watchers diet, to name a few, that will further add to the confusion.  

The best answer: You should choose a diet plan that you can actually stick to depending on your personal preferences, lifestyle habits, and fitness goals. You may also consider these tips in sticking to the first two abovementioned diet plans.

Eat Six Small Meals

While eating six small (i.e., 300 calories) meals a day may appear easy, you will find that it is also easy to overeat for many reasons. You may feel still hungry in between meals, for example, and you can be tempted to eat more because a 300-calorie meal on a standard plate is just too small.

Instead, you should consider eating three smaller-sized meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner coupled with three healthy snacks. You will still keep your calorie count within limits yet still be able to enjoy a fuller feeling, which means less temptation to overeat.  

Fasting During Certain Hours

You can choose certain times of the day, known as a window of eating, when you can basically eat without restrictions as to the calorie count. You can successfully reduce your calorie consumption because you are shaving 1 to 2 meals a day while still giving your body the nutrition that it requires for proper functioning, including metabolism.  But here’s the catch: You will be in social situations where eating is a sign of good manners and your body will have its cravings.  

You can prevent these fasting-related situations in two ways. First, you can drink a small protein shale before your gym workout in the morning, which will be sufficient for your body during the day. Second, you should plan balanced meals during your window of eating instead of eating with abandon, which means that your body will get sufficient nutrients during your fasting period.  

Ultimately, your body will require nutrients to sustain its basic life functions as well as increase its metabolic rate, build lean muscle mass, and provide energy – so eat and eat well!  

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