Nobody’s Too Old, Too Fat, And Too Busy For Barre Exercises

Many women are intimidated by the thought of enrolling in Pure Barre classes because these seem like suitable only for women of a certain body type – the slender waist, shapely arms and legs, and trim figure of a ballerina. But this just isn’t so as barre-based exercise programs are amazing workouts that most women can enjoy!

Indeed, nobody’s too old, too fat and too busy for barre-based workouts. The trick is in getting enough courage to enroll in a class, show up for the first session, and keep an open mind. Here are a few things that will boost your courage in doing so.  

Barre Workouts and Ballet Are Two Different Things

While barre workouts are based on many ballet principles and practices, the two are very different in their movements. The barre is a common denominator, of course, but the personal discipline, number of hours, and physical goals are very different, too.

On one hand, ballet involves the entire body with every movement, especially as form and posture are crucial aspects of its technique. Body control is a must to achieve a full range of fluid and graceful, apparently effortless, movements.  

Ballerinas build their body’s flexibility, tone and balance, as well as their distinctive physique and physical grace, through years of intense training away and at the barre. Ballet is also about the development of body strength and control via extension exercises, thus, the barre is the only props needed.

On the other hand, barre movements are intended to tone specific areas of the body. These are also a series of calisthenics with the barre as a prop, in contrast with the controlled movements of ballet away from the barre. The movements also capitalize on contraction to create tone, unlike in the extension-centric principles of ballet.  

The bottom line: You don’t have to possess any type of ballet training to enroll and enjoy barre classes! In the same manner, you also don’t have to possess a ballerina body hiding under your excess weight. Just show up for your classes and you will benefit from them, period.

Barre Classes Are HIIT Workouts, Too

Over time, you will feel the burn that barre classes give to your body. You’re not just bending, stretching and jumping, as in basic calisthenics, during your barre classes because the intensity increases as the class progresses.  

Keep in mind that barre workouts being partly based on ballet movements, the total body engagement you will get from the former will mean a more athletic body including its strength and endurance. If you must know, ballerinas are athletes, too – among the most graceful, most versatile and strongest there is.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in the barre classes at Pure Barre and find yourself a better person for it!  

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