Best Barre Workouts You Can Do at Home

Do you wish to have a long and lean body? This is your chance to head straight to barre. All these movements were ballet-inspired and meant to lift your rear, tone arms, sculpt thighs and flatten abs. The best thing is that these fat-blasting moves could be done anywhere and no ballet barre required.

It’s best to get started with a special workout that combines the strength of Pilates, wisdom of yoga and ballet barre. Since barre workouts are frequently done in a ten-minute segment, you could easily put the lid on the usual “I don’t have time” type of excuse.

Each workout encompasses an isometric hold, smaller, one inch movements as well as a dynamic and functional range of motion. Some people even try these movements while watching their favorite television shows, cooking dinner or quick breaks at the office. Needless to say, if you want the best physique you could get, then raise the barre today!

Standing Hip Extension

First, you have to stand knee to knee and your inner thighs should be glued together. The exercise ball has to be placed behind your knee. Begin with your knees touching, belly pulled in or up, pelvis neutral and your inner thighs together.

Pull the heel to your butt so as to engage the hamstring. Press the heel and ball back in tiny pulses. You should do ten repetitions, recheck your posture then repeat three more sets of ten pulses before switching to the other side.

First & Second Position

First & Second Position-GymMembershipFeesYou should find a natural turnout in the first position. Your legs should be pulled together and stand tall. Create a long line starting from the heel to the crown. Afterwards, pull your abdominals in, keep your waistline long and lift your ribs up.

Your legs should be turned out from the hip sockets, sealing your inner thighs and tightening your glutes. Allow your ankles and knees to follow the movement of your hip. This is the first position.

If needed, you could use a chair for support. Bend your knees a bit and make sure to check for proper hip, toe and knee alignment. Lengthen back to start. Squeeze your butt and lift it back up with your knees straight. Hold it halfway down from the first position for ten pulses, then squeeze back to top.

Repeat this sequence 4 times when your heels down. Try the same using the first position with your heels lifted. Afterwards, switch back to the second position with your legs slightly wider than the shoulder width and with your feet turned out. You should repeat this sequence, lifting your heels up and down.

The Calf Releve

With the use of a chair for support, begin with your legs held together and in a parallel position. Press into your toes and lift your heels up. Afterwards, pull your pelvis towards your belly button then keep your tailbone down so as to open your hip flexors. Keep your hamstrings engaged.

Lift and lower your heels twenty times and keep the entire leg length engaged from the calves to the glutes. You have to turn out at the hips to the first position as well as engage your leg muscle from heels to the butt. Then, lift the heels, press into the toes before lifting your heels up.

Arabesque and Attitude

Arabesque and Attitude-GymMembershipFeesBoth hands should be placed on the chair as well as the square ribcage. Shoulders should lean toward the chair. Afterwards, turn your legs out to the first position. Your right leg should be lifted and stretched back and away from the floor.

Lengthen your leg and stretch it high going off the ground and towards the ceiling. This would allow your torso come forward. You may release it a bit then try stretching it higher. Focus on lifting from the glutes.

You could also try the 4 long leg reach. Bend your knee. Turn out at the hip then lift your leg up for 4 attitudes. Lift the supporting heel off the floor before trying 4 more arabesques plus 4 attitudes with the lifted releve or heels. In addition, alternate the support heel up and down as well as between sets. You should complete 5 sets on each leg.

The Pretzel

Sit on the mat and move your right shin parallel to the side of the mat. Try to your knee in line with the hip. You have to reach for your left leg behind you in a 45-degree angle. Also, lengthen your torso up and out and in line with your front thigh. Use your hands to support yourself on the floor.

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