Never Leave Home Without These Things In Your Gym Bag

Looking, feeling and smelling good when leaving your favorite gym is a must! Your feelings of physical and mental well-being after your strenuous workout will be reinforced in the process. Besides, you want the benefits of good personal hygiene, both for yourself and your fellowmen, especially when you’re commuting or going to the office after your workout.

Before you leave home for the nearest 9 Round Fitness gym, you must check that you have the following things in your gym bag. You will likely only spend five minutes of your time for this small task but the benefits will be big! You will, for example, avoid using gym-issued toiletries and towels, which can be fraught with risks.

#1 Towel and Change of Clothes

These are obvious but too many people still forget to bring their own towels to the gym. While the gym-issued towels may look clean and smell fresh, you just cannot be too sure about these things. With your own towel, you have the assurance that it was as clean as your standards demand it to be, not to mention that you’re the only one using it.  

And don’t forget your change of clothes either! You don’t want to leave the gym in your sweat-riddled workout clothes, especially when these are wet in places like the armpits and crotch.  It isn’t a good look outside the gym, period.

#2 All-in-one Shower Gel

While you can bring along different products for your face, body and hair, you will find them inconvenient when you’re in a communal shower. Just bring along an all-in-one-shower gel for your face, body and hair so that you only bring three things to the shower stall – your towel, slippers, and gel.  

#3 Deodorant or Antiperspirant

When you work out, you will sweat more regardless of the type of exercise. You don’t want your fellow gym-goers to suffer from your natural scent, so to speak, after a hard workout. You want instead to keep your sweat and, thus, body odor under as much control as possible, during and after your workout.  

#4 Face and Body Moisturizer

While using a face and body moisturizer may not seem too manly, you will realize its importance after several workouts without it. Basically, your skin will become dehydrated (i.e., dry) when you work out hard and take a hot shower afterwards.

Your body’s temperature increases due to exercise that, when followed with hot water, eventually leads to itchy, tight, red and dry skin. You must then regularly apply a face and body moisturizer after your hot shower to prevent it from happening. Otherwise, you will be unable to exercise due to your skin’s painful condition.

Even with your hot shower, you may still want to spray on your favorite cologne. Just be careful about its use since you don’t want to turn off others from its strong smell.

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