8 Ways to Leave the Gym Looking Fresh

There is no reason for you to leave the gym looking haggard, unclean and smelly after a rigorous workout. As a woman who is vying for attention, you need to be attractive no matter what you did or where you came from.

Here are some tips on how to look fresh even after spending several physically demanding minutes or even hours at the gym.

1. Hydrate as much as you can

Drinking copious amounts of water is the best way to rescue your skin from the stress it underwent during your workout. Water acts as a magic elixir that quickly restores your skin glow.

2. Pack your things wisely

Carrying a small kit inside your gym bag that holds your hair and makeup will mean a lot when you need a quick touch up. Small cosmetic products will come in handy because they will keep your gym bag lighter while not worrying about carrying your complete make up paraphernalia.

3. Keep your skin as natural-looking as possible

After a rigorous workout, your skin will look vibrant and bright because of the sweat it naturally produces. You can keep your skin looking as natural as before by applying a small amount of tinted moisturizer. It will not only conceal the skin redness caused by your workout, but will also let your skin glow.

4. A cold shower is a good way to freshen up

Although it may sound Spartan, a cold shower will boost your circulation, close your skin pores and calm down your skin. The redness of your skin from your strenuous workout will dissipate. As a result, you won’t feel like you have to spend more time in the mirror touching up your face to conceal your stressed skin.

5. Have a 3-minute blowout

Is your hair in a complete mess after working out? Don’t worry. If you have a blow dryer and some scented spray, your hair can look as fresh as before. When your hair is filled with sweat, direct the heat of the blow dryer at your hairline. It will dry up the most visibly sweaty parts of your crown.

6. Increase your hair’s volume

You can keep your hair bouncy even after a workout by carefully pinning your hair into two buns, one on your nape and one on your crown. This will ensure that the wave and volume of your hair are retained.

In addition, you can spray a small amount of dry shampoo to add more texture. If you want to keep your hair strands smooth and straight, try loosely tying your hair back in a low ponytail while you’re working out. This will prevent the unwanted dents that can form in your hair.

7. Don’t forget your brows

You must not ignore the way your brows look for they are the final framing of your face. They need to be on point to avoid looking disheveled. The quickest way you can do this is by filling your brows with an eyebrow pencil and setting them in place by a brow gel.

You can even make your brows more exotic by adding a neutral eye shadow above your eyelids, and a deeper shade into the eye crease to add some definition.

8. Accentuate your lips

When you’ve come from a heated gym during the cold months, your lips will get thirstier. You can avoid cracked lips and that dried out feeling by using a lip balm before and after your workout.

Instead of using the standard lipstick, go for a tinted moisture balm because it will hydrate your lips without feeling sticky. It also has the exact amount of natural color.

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