Marathons And Temporary Cardiac Tissue Damage: How To Avoid It

Obesity seems to be a problem that affects third world and first world countries alike. An obese person is more likely to die earlier than his or her fit counterparts. This is why many people, desperate to stay alive, do what they can to improve their fitness and physique.

Studies have shown that people with more abdominal fat are prone to developing problems like heart disease, stroke and other cardiorespiratory issues. Therefore, fitness should be everyone’s primary concern. Please note that many shocking studies show that as little as 5 to 10 minutes of brisk walking or running can do wonders to improve longevity. Thus, it would be wise if we all took part.

How Much Is Too Much?

How Much Is Too Much-GymMembershipFeesMany studies indicate that while too much of a sedentary lifestyle is bad for us. However, others also stress that too much strenuous activity may be bad for our heart. Please note that many runners enjoy what they are doing, mostly because they believe that their sport of choice can strengthen their heart. However, while that is a good thing, it is important to remember that in excess, you may risk damaging your heart muscle.

Temporary Heart Muscle Damage: It Can Be Risky

Temporary Heart Muscle Damage-It Can Be Risky-GymMembershipFeesIf you are a marathon runner who takes pride in going the full distance, you might consider yourself a poster child for cardiac safety. Don’t get us wrong, you are definitely safer than most of your sedentary peers. However, if you were to run 26 miles or more, please keep in mind that your heart muscles may undergo temporary damage.

The strain caused by a marathon can harm your cardiac tissue. It can cause inflammation and other notable problems, especially if you lack proper training and have lower fitness levels. Even so, please note that this damage is temporary. After a race, the most common sign is that there is a decline on both right and left ventricular function. These areas are responsible for pumping blood to the lungs and all other body parts.

While this may sound serious, please keep in mind that this is merely temporary damage. When scientists did tests three months after a race, they were pleased to find that runner’s hearts returned back to normal.

Is Age A Factor?

Is Age A Factor-GymMembershipFeesMost people, especially older individuals will wonder if the person’s age was a factor. We are glad to say that it did not play a factor in this type of damage. Studies showed  that people with less training were affected and that it had nothing to do with their age. Thus, if you do not prepare for a big event like a marathon, you are prone to temporary heart muscle damage, even if you are as young as 18.

Tips To Going The Distance

Tips To Going The Distance-GymMembershipFeesIt should be noted that training is essential. If you want to become ready for a marathon or triathlon, it would be best to prepare yourself a few months or even a year beforehand. Acclimating yourself to the harsh demands required of your heart will help you in the long run, pun intended.

Start slow and don’t feel compelled to run longer distances. By setting a slow pace, you allow your body to gradually develop the resistance and endurance it needs to undertake strenuous marathons. Do not fall pressure to competition. Your only competitor is yourself. Once you learn to pace yourself properly, you will notice that it will be easier to run faster and farther.

Experts will also tell you that setting understandable goals will lessen your chances of suffering from ankle sprains, joint problems and other conditions related to running. Therefore, taking it slow will ensure that you clock in as much preparation as you can, compared to your counterparts who increase their speed and distance too rapidly.

Invest In A Gym Membership

Invest In A Gym Membership-GymMembershipFeesIf you plan to take on something as drastic as a marathon, please consider investing in a gym membership. Yes, you could train on your own. However, having a gym membership gives you access to a wider variety of machines, which can help you achieve a better physique and strengthen your muscles.

You also get to discuss your needs with an instructor. He or she will help you learn various exercises to improve your endurance. You will be provided with tips for improving your performance as well as nutritional advice. Gyms like YMCA are affordable and allow you to avail of the services of a personal trainer, who will help you get ready for your big day.

Get yourself prepared physically before going through any excessively strenuous activities. Your body should be treated respectfully. Therefore, shocking it into an intense state of motion, that it is not used to could cause severe problems. Getting in shape will take time, especially if you enjoy a sedentary lifestyle.

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