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Exercise for a healthier heart. Free your mind of stress. Strengthen your muscles. And live your life with genuine zest for it through exercise and physical fitness. Gone are the days when the only form of exercise is spending grueling hours of hitting the track and lifting in solitude. At LA Fitness, your membership entitles you to unlimited access to various group fitness classes that are both fun and challenging.

Below you can find class schedule overview at La Fitness:


Free for Members

Aerobic Basics45 MinUp to 330Easy
Aqua Fit45 MinUp to 400Medium
Belly Dancing45 MinUp to 400Medium
Body Works Plus Abs45 MinUp to 440Medium
Bodyworks Circuit45 MinUp to 500Hard
Boot Camp Conditoining45 MinUp to 550Hard
Calorie Crusher45 MinUp to 550Hard
Cardio Jam45 MinUp to 390Medium
Club Boxing Circuit45 MinUp to 550Hard
Core Train'g45 MinUp to 300Easy
Cycle45 MinUp to 550Hard
Cycle Zone45 MinUp to 450Medium
Hip Hop45 MinUp to 440Medium
Kickbox Cardio45 MinUp to 550Hard
Latin Heat45 MinUp to 550Hard
Mat Pilates45 MinUp to 275Easy
Sampler45 MinUp to 360Medium
Senior Aqua Fit45 MinUp to 225Easy
Senior Fit45 MinUp to 225Easy
Senior Stretch45 MinUp to 225Easy
Silver Sneakers45 Minn/aEasy
Step Circuit45 MinUp to 500Hard
Step II Plus Abs45 MinUp to 440Medium
Step Plus Abs45 MinUp to 440Medium
Step Sculpt45 MinUp to 500Hard
Sunrise Yoga45 MinUp to 380Medium
Tai Chi45 MinUp to 380Medium
Total Body Conditioing45 MinUp to 550Hard
Total Strength45 MinUp to 550Hard
Urban Iron45 MinUp to 440Medium
Yoga45 MinUp to 380Medium
Yogabeat45 MinUp to 400Medium
Zumba45 MinUp to 400Medium
Zumba Step45 Minn/aMedium

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling provides you with the aerobic exercise of a “Tour de France” in the safety of a stationary bike. Indoor cycling is one of the most flexible fitness group classes. With a slight adjustment on your stationary bike, you can challenge yourself to fat burning intensities or keep it moderate for a comfortable aerobic workout.

Indoor Cycling at LA Fitness is conducted by a cycling coach who can make the sessions fun and challenging for everyone.


If you want to add an element of grace and artistry to your physical workout, nothing beats the romantic and exotic movements of the Latin Zumba. It’s a lot like Ballroom line dancing, but with a fast beat to give you a cardio workout like no other.

Zumba classes are very effective for people who are having a hard time pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone. The session will totally get your mind off the training and get you into the dancing. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll forget that it’s a workout.

Aqua Fit Aerobics

Performing explosive movements underwater provides the necessary resistance to give every muscle on your body a good workout. The effect of the water’s pressure on your chest provides for additional intensity. If you find yourself gasping for air whenever you have to climb several flights of stairs or you are occasionally out of breath, training with the Aqua Fit Aerobics class will improve your lung power.

Aqua Fit Aerobics can be performed as a low impact form of training or as a high intensity workout. It will depend on how explosive you will execute the movements. It’s one of the classes that allows people will varied fitness goals and levels to work together in one fun session.

Hip Hop Dance

Now, who says you can’t shake it anymore? Hip Hop classes are one of the most natural fitness activities because you can’t simply ignore the beat. The moment you hear the beat, your feet starts moving and everything just follows naturally. Aside from getting a good workout, you will learn a lot of basic and advanced Hip Hop moves that you can apply wherever there is dancing. If you love to dance and you can’t resist tapping your feet on a groovy beat, this is the definitely the class for you.


Yoga is not only good for improving your balance and flexibility but it strengthens your stability muscles as well. As you strike and maintain a yoga pose, your muscles are firming up to keep you still and in perfect balance. This will provide you with a well-toned physique.

Yoga is also good for relieving stress. There are those days when everything around you is just too fast and noisy and what you need is a full session of yoga where you can stay focus on yourself and your body.  Physical stress is not a necessary component for physical exercise. In the case of yoga, the act of relaxation is also a form of exercise. Yoga is no different from ballet.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates at LA Fitness focuses on the core muscles. The routines focus on the abdominals and lower back muscles. If you are having problems with your lower back, don’t just take it as a normal consequence of aging. Most of the time there is a muscular imbalance where your abs are stronger than your lower back. Mat Pilates can take care of that problem.  After a few sessions, you will find yourself able to handle your normal day to day activities with greater ease. Mat Pilates at LA Fitness trains you for your everyday activities.

Step Class

Step Classes are like aerobic classes. They are fun and engaging except that your legs get a higher intensity workout because you are constantly giving your thighs, hamstrings and calf muscles a workout every time you step up the bench. Like all aerobics classes, Step classes will help trim you down but in addition to this, the workout will also give you more athletic legs that are aesthetically attractive.

All fitness classes at LA Fitness are conducted by certified fitness trainers with personalities that match their assigned classes. They can push you to the limit when they have to. They can provide you with extra motivation to help you reach your fitness goals.

The best way of getting the most from your LA Fitness membership is to try all of the classes as each one has something unique to offer. You can check out the schedules at the LA Fitness website. Or simply approach the counter the next time you visit your LA Fitness center.

For more information on LA Fitness class schedule, check out their official website.