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LA Fitness is a premier fitness gym with over 100 locations scattered in different states in the US and Canada.  The gym offers basic and advanced fitness classes and programs as well as top-notch bodybuilding and exercise equipment and amenities. It has well-trained staff members – some of the best in the industry – who will choose the most appropriate fitness options for its members.

Keeping a healthy and fit body is a difficult task. Without a gym membership, you can only work out regularly if you have a complete gym equipment at home. However, many can’t afford to own one, or have the space that can be used for a home gym. Hence, the best option to keeping yourself totally fit and in shape is by going to a fitness gym and becoming a member.

LA Fitness has the best fitness equipment and personnel

In all our gym’s locations, members can expect important fitness and health advices from our professional trainers and staff. All of them have ample training and knowledge that they can share to members who want to achieve the fitness goals.

LA Fitness offers some of the most advanced facilities and amenities. All gym locations boast of top-notch gym equipment and machines that members need to be able to perform their workout exercises. Some of the available cardio machines are stair climbers, elliptical machines, and treadmills. A number of locations have swimming pools as well. Some sites also maintain a track around that allows members to run laps.

LA Fitness also has complete weight machines that members have full access to, so they can work every muscle in their body. These machines have adjustable weights; this allows you to work on the weight that’s appropriate and safe for you to handle.  As a member, you also have access to free weights and other fitness devices and accessories like resistance bands, jump ropes, and balance balls.

As a member, you will be given a complete report of your progress on a regular basis. Individual fitness reviews based on your fitness goals and levels will be made available online.

Join LA Fitness

People have busy and hectic schedules and so, they have second thoughts about joining a gym. If you are interested in becoming a member of LA Fitness but are worried about spending precious hours in the gym, cannot pay high membership fees, or wary about enrolling as a new member, be assured that a representative will be there for you online or in person to provide much-needed advice and service.

Membership fee

LA Fitness gym offers a variety of membership options available at affordable membership fees. For all types of membership, initiation fee of $99 must be paid. One Club Access, the gym’s basic members, costs $29.99 per month or $359.88 per year.

Unlimited Clubs Access, which is the Premium membership, costs $34.99 a month. Annual payment is $419.88.  Membership at LA Fitness does not require any contract. You don’t need to pay any fee if you want to cancel your membership.

Cancellation of Membership

There are many reasons why a member might want to cancel his membership at LA Fitness. If you do request for it, the gym will try to find out your reason and give suggestions so that you will still be able to maintain your membership and continue to enjoy the benefits that the gym has to offer.

For instance, it is possible that you can’t go to the gym on a regular basis because of reasons such as you have a new baby at home. In cases like this, it is suggested that your membership is temporarily put on hold so that you will not lose it completely. You can keep it in an inactive status while you adjust to whatever current changes that affect your everyday life.

Running out of money to pay for the necessary fees? LA Fitness offers membership options with more flexible payment plans. It allow members to change to membership types with easier payment schemes, depending on their current financial capability.

How to cancel

LA Fitness highly values each and every member, but if you decide that you need to cancel your membership, the first step that you must do is to call or drop by the office for a chat. The gym’s customer service rep will be glad to assist you through the process.

He will instruct you to cancel online via your LA fitness account, or in person by submitting a letter or form requesting a cancellation to the manager at the desk.

You may continue attending your workout classes at the gym for one month. Remember that when you paid the initial dues, the payment is for the first and last month’s dues. You can’t request for a refund on the last month. Cancellation must be done within five days of the next billing date; otherwise, you will have to pay for an additional month.