Cheap Stationary Bikes in 2020

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Why risk biking out in the streets? You can get hit by a speeding car, you can stumble and fall, and you can hurt pedestrians. It can be bothersome as well when it rains or it gets too dark. Sometimes you may even get too tired to return home.

Your best bet is to just pick one among the best cheap stationary bikes for home use. Biking is in many ways much better than running.

After all, you don’t really need expensive sneakers, and biking is much more forgiving for your knees. You also don’t need to buy an expensive model, as we have several excellent stationary bikes here that don’t cost more than $150.

Here’s a list of cheap stationary bikes in 2018:

[amazon box=”B002KV383S” description=”This is one of the most popular models around, and it’s easy to see why. It doesn’t really take up too much space, and with its 43-pound weight you can put it in front of the TV or on the patio. It even has transport wheels.
The counterbalanced pedals are very easy to use, and the foot straps are adjustable. This upright bike uses a very smooth magnetic resistance system, and you have 8 preset levels to choose from.
The console display is easy to see because it’s big, and you can monitor your time, speed, the distance you’ve covered, and the number of calories you’ve used up. The seat and the handlebars are actually comfy with their padding, and the seat can also be adjusted for your height. “] [amazon box=”B00FFT1URI” description=”It’s amazing that this doesn’t come with a higher price. It can handle up to 250 pounds, and the seat is large and it even comes with a backrest. Once you’re done with it, you can fold it up for easier storage.
The flywheels move very smoothly, and you have several levels of magnetic resistance to choose from. It’s actually very quiet when you use it.
The LCD display is very large, and along with the usual metrics it also displays your heart rate. There’s even a tablet holder so you can hold and use your tablet, regardless of what brand it is. “] [amazon box=”B01B5919BI” description=”This is a good-looking machine, and it comes in either red or pink. But it works well too, as it can support up to 220 pounds.
Here you have 8 levels of magnetic resistance to choose from, while the bike itself can be set into 3 different positions for various types of exercises. The large display also shows the usual metrics.
It’s quite comfy too. The seat is nicely padded while the handles have foam covers. “] [amazon box=”B007595TKU” description=”Now you may be frustrated when most of these affordable bikes can only handle 220 pounds or so. If you’re heavier than that, then this model is a better choice as its weight limit is at 300 pounds.
The seat is also large and cushioned, and it’s designed for people whose height range from 5’3” to 6’1”. The magnetic tension offers 8 different levels, and the display even includes the heart rate measured from the hand pulse monitor. “] [amazon box=”B008CMO5CM” description=”Here are the usual features you’d expect from an affordable bike. There are 8 tension levels. The weighted pedals are always up the right way, and it comes with an ergonomic design and adjustable straps. The LCD computer displays the usual metrics including your heart rate from the hand pulse monitor.
What’s not so usual is that it’s also very well-built, and the cost is much lower than usual! “]