Kick and Punch Your Way to Fitness

As a person gets older, the importance of fitness and exercise cannot be over-emphasized. The question of whether a regular fitness workout will be good for the young, adult, aged and aging among us has already been answered and the only question that anyone should be pondering on is what specific fitness activity one will do on a regular basis.

There are a lot of options available. But from all the possibilities, one should prefer an activity which has two qualities; it should be something that will provide for a good cardio workout and one that is “in”; just to keep you interesting and interested. With these considerations, why not take up Kick Boxing?

It’s the “IN” Thing

It’s the IN-Thing - GymMembershipFeesSo many are finishing bowls of popcorns and cans of beer, cheering on MMA fighters on cable TV that it’s a wonder why so many are still missing out on the clues provided. It’s obvious that everyone is “in” on mixed martial arts and that’s exactly where one’s fitness endeavors should center on.

Mixed martial arts is so popular that even Stallone’s “Expendables” movie had to rely on the appearances of Randy Couture and Ronda Rousey to keep it up to the times. We are not suggesting that you yourself should train to have your shining moment inside the octagon but, you can train like an MMA fighter at CKO Kickboxiang and enjoy the health benefits of the sport.

Doing the actual thing will make you enjoy your favorite sport even more because by doing Kick Boxing, you will be able to relate to what’s happening at every UFC match. There is nothing like enjoying a contest in a sport that you are personally into than something you have not experienced. Besides, with so many people into mixed martial arts, doing Kick Boxing will add another interesting facet to your personality.

Slim and Muscular is “In”

Besides, the Kick Boxer, MMA fighter-look is “in” with the fashion trend of tight fitting shirts that emphasize the slim muscular look.

There was a time when big bulky muscles were in fashion. However, that bulky-look has long passed its popularity and that is why trainers are putting a long list of cardio exercises into workouts to put emphasis on burning fats and keeping lean over developing massive muscles.

A lot of people are fond of sporting slim waist lines and full six-pack abs and these are exactly what kick boxing sessions will shape you up for.

It’s the Best Cardio Workout

All in all, the most important muscle that one has to train is the heart and Kick Boxing will provide for your best cardio exercise ever. The throwing of moderate to heavy punches and kicks will provide the training intensity and the continuous bouncing and shifting in stance will provide for the aerobic exercise.

A kickboxing session is a good way to challenge your aerobic fitness with its hour-long workouts where you will be trying to keep pace with the group while you execute heavy explosive movements with the punch and kick sequences. But don’t worry, there will also be portions in the session where you will be doing light movements as well where you can catch your breath and recover.

In a way, kick boxing can be compared to interval runs in terms of its cardio benefits. But, kick boxing can provide something more. It is an activity that can keep you interested and committed to a regular routine. And as the popularity of mixed martial arts progresses, more and more people are likely to stay in the kick boxing gyms during the cool early evening and will leave the lone jogging in solitude.

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